Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ettley’s 1st (and 2nd) trip to the Lake House:

Ettley’s first trip was to my Grandma’s Lake House for our family reunion when she was almost 3 months old. The drive is about 6 hours but it was more like 7 because we had to stop for the kids. Ettley did great on her first long car ride and slept pretty much the whole time. We took her on the boat for the first time and once she got over how bumpy it was she fell right asleep in my arms. She loved being snuggled and held by all my aunts and cousins and she also enjoyed being outside. We even took a few naps in the hammock. My Grandma takes us all to pick out books every reunion and so for Ettley’s first book she got a little version of Go Dog Go! It was such a nice trip and even though Ettley slept most of the time we did enjoy spending some time out in the sun. She also loved watching her brother play. 

1st boat ride

Sleeping in Aunt Mimi's arms

Pie night!

I LOVE this picture!!

Riding on Nemo

We took a second trip to the Lake House over Labor Day weekend. Ettley was 4 months but she still slept the whole drive there. She rode on the boat a few more times and even rode on the paddle board and dipped her toes in the water. She was not a fan of this but she did enjoy watching everyone wake surf and ski. Every year during Labor Day weekend all the houses on the lake lights red flares and set them around their front yard and its called the “Ring of Fire.” Ettley was of course asleep during this but since we are never at the Lake House around this time it was really cool to see this. We drove the boat to the middle of the lake and just watched all the flares light up. It was a quick trip but it was nice to be back at my happy place. 

Ettley is a pro when it comes to trips at the Lake House but she has yet to be on an airplane. We are looking forward to the reunion at the Lake House next year when she can experience more of the excitement and fun the lake has to offer. She is going to try and do everything her brother does so we will have to watch her like a hawk. I love my two kids and that I could share this special place with them.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Ettley’s Blessing:

Ettley Kate Rahlf was blessed on August 7th, 2016. We waited until August because we really wanted Dane’s parents to be there, home from their three year mission in the Philippines. I was so excited to have a baby girl because I was going to bless her in my baby dress but since we moved and a lot of our stuff is still in boxes I couldn’t find it. I’m really sad about this but we found her another cute dress. Hopefully we have another girl and she can wear my dress!

We did her blessing in church unlike Adler’s. Dane’s parents were there and so was his brother, Tony. I was so happy that they could be there for the blessing because it is events like this where I miss my Dad. I remember him at Adler’s blessing and I really wish he could have been there to help bless my little Ettley girl. I know he was there in spirit. My mom and Courtney were also there which I also appreciate. 

It was a beautiful blessing by Dane even though Ettley girl decided she wanted to cry during the majority of it. Dane explained that she was named after a place that he loved to visit while on his mission. He blessed her that people who were in her presence might enjoy the same beauty and companionship and to be able to hear the message of the gospel. I love being able to hear the blessings Dane gives our children and they will always hold a special place in my heart. 

The whole group (minus Tony)

Adler playing in the bushes...

Ettley with her Oma and Grandma

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ettley is three months:

Our little girl is growing like crazy and we can’t keep up! I love experiencing the firsts all over with her and I have loved dressing her up and buying all things girly. She continues to melt our hearts. 

 - She is still sleeping through the night and her napping has gotten a little better! Sometimes we can even get a 2 hour nap out of her. 
  • She LOVES to chew on her fists all the time. There isn’t really a time where her hands aren’t in her mouth. She still likes her binky but doesn’t take it all the time which makes me wonder if she will be a hand sucker.
  • She has started reaching for toys and playing with them on her mamaroo and bouncy chair. She can even hold a few chew toys in her hands but she usually just ends up eating her hands and dropping her toys.
  • When she is on her back she will rotate herself all over the floor. She is never in the same place I left her.
  • She is my snuggliest baby and I LOVE it! Sometimes she will just lay on my shoulder or snuggle her face into me. She also likes it when we hold her hand while she tries to fall asleep. She still loves to sleep in my arms and I hope this snuggle phase lasts.
  • At about 3 1/2 months she laughed! It was the cutest sound ever but she saves them. She will smile like crazy but getting a laugh is hard.
  • We recently went on a Disney cruise with Dane’s family and unfortunately Ettley had to stay home because she wasn’t 6 months (a rule I didn’t know existed). I had pumped milk for her before I left but my mom also gave her formula. She is now the happiest baby. She was just hungry and wasn’t getting enough from me. 
  • I have stopped breastfeeding Ettley. I am still pumping but I wasn’t making enough milk for her. My supply was decreasing before I left on my trip and so I decided that I would stop nursing her and just pump milk and mix it with formula. This decision has been super hard for me again especially because I really loved breastfeeding this time around but I hope that next baby I will be able to finally figure out this breastfeeding thing. Ettley is so much happier now and that’s all the matters. 
  • On 8/27 she rolled from her stomach to her back! 

We love our Ettley girl and her cubby cheeks that she has now gotten from drinking bottles. Here are some cute pictures: 
Sleeping through mommy's birthday dinner

Starting to notice the flowers

Celebrating Lorelei's baptism

Ettley's blessing day! We were so glad Dane's parents could join us (his brother Tony was there but had to leave before pictures)

My cute girl!

I love when she sleeps on me!

Don't worry we checked her every few minutes...she likes her stomach better

Naked kids!

This is what Ettley has to deal with but I think she likes it!

I have two kids! Crazy!

Going through the Philly temple open house

Visiting daddy at work!

Look at those cheeks! 

Ettley is two months:

We love having Ettley in our family and Adler is the best big brother ever! Here are some things Ettley has been up to since turning 2 months!

At her last doctor appointment she weighed 9 lbs 2.8 ounces (6th percentile) and she is 23” tall (63rd percentile). She hasn’t been gaining enough weight so I have been trying to increase my milk supply. I have been nursing and pumping and supplementing with formula. I have met with a lactation specialist and I am hoping that my milk supply will go up soon (we took her back in a week later to get her weighed and she had gained weight). 
  • The biggest thing is that she has been sleeping through the night since 5 1/2 weeks old! She will usually fall asleep between 8-9:30 and wakes up between 6:30/7:30. Sometimes she will even sleep until 9!!
  • She will smile at anyone and is always smiling except when we want to get pictures of her.
  • She has started cooing and talking to us a lot! I love baby talk!
  • She is on the verge of laughing but we can’t get it out of her. I know she is close because she laughed in her sleep and it was so cute!
  • She has a strong little neck and is holding her head up!
  • She naps for 30 minutes during the day unless we are out then I can sometimes get 2 hours. This is a little exhausting for mom. 
  • She is a lot fussier than Adler was. We think it has to do with acid reflux and not sleeping very well. She is still a happy girl but compared to Adler, she fusses so much more.
  • She recognizes her name and when she finds us she will give us a big smile!
  • She took her first road trip to New York for my family reunion. She did amazing in the car and loved meeting my family.
  • She also took her first boat ride and slept the whole time! 
  • She loves to splash around in a nice warm bath!

Ettley shows her emotions 100%. When she is happy she is beaming with joy. And when she is upset… look out! But the best part is seeing Adler and her together. They already have a very loving relationship and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.
I love this picture!
Sibling love

That face



Oma and Opa came to visit and we loved every second! 

The iceberg exhibit at the building museum was pretty cool!

First trip to the lake house!

Pie night!

I LOVE this picture!