Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ettley’s 1st (and 2nd) trip to the Lake House:

Ettley’s first trip was to my Grandma’s Lake House for our family reunion when she was almost 3 months old. The drive is about 6 hours but it was more like 7 because we had to stop for the kids. Ettley did great on her first long car ride and slept pretty much the whole time. We took her on the boat for the first time and once she got over how bumpy it was she fell right asleep in my arms. She loved being snuggled and held by all my aunts and cousins and she also enjoyed being outside. We even took a few naps in the hammock. My Grandma takes us all to pick out books every reunion and so for Ettley’s first book she got a little version of Go Dog Go! It was such a nice trip and even though Ettley slept most of the time we did enjoy spending some time out in the sun. She also loved watching her brother play. 

1st boat ride

Sleeping in Aunt Mimi's arms

Pie night!

I LOVE this picture!!

Riding on Nemo

We took a second trip to the Lake House over Labor Day weekend. Ettley was 4 months but she still slept the whole drive there. She rode on the boat a few more times and even rode on the paddle board and dipped her toes in the water. She was not a fan of this but she did enjoy watching everyone wake surf and ski. Every year during Labor Day weekend all the houses on the lake lights red flares and set them around their front yard and its called the “Ring of Fire.” Ettley was of course asleep during this but since we are never at the Lake House around this time it was really cool to see this. We drove the boat to the middle of the lake and just watched all the flares light up. It was a quick trip but it was nice to be back at my happy place. 

Ettley is a pro when it comes to trips at the Lake House but she has yet to be on an airplane. We are looking forward to the reunion at the Lake House next year when she can experience more of the excitement and fun the lake has to offer. She is going to try and do everything her brother does so we will have to watch her like a hawk. I love my two kids and that I could share this special place with them.

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