Monday, September 15, 2014

Favorite Products So Far Part 2: 3-6 months

It’s so amazing how fast you need to buy new things for your little one! I did a post about my favorite products for 1-3 months and you can read that here.

These products are my favorite for 3-6 months (and I’m sure I will use them for much longer). I love reading about products that other moms love and use so I thought I would share mine with you.

Aiden and Anais Burpy Bibs: 
As you all know Adler spits up a lot! I love these because you can use them over your shoulder or snap it around your child’s neck. It is oversized so it catches a lot of the spit up and drool and they have cute patterns. Adler also hates having his mouth wipes so the fact that these are super soft make it a lot better.

Teething toys:
Adler has been teething for what feels like forever! These toys are a must for my diaper bag. The Sofie giraffe is a classic and it really lives up to the hype. It is easy for his to hold and it has so many parts for him to chew on. 

We also love this ring. It is easy to hold and he can relieve his gums by chewing on the beads.

This is great for helping Adler learn to sit up. It is also a great sub highchair while I try to figure out which highchair I want. I love that I can take it anywhere and just sit Adler in it while I cook and organize my house.

Gap and Carter’s clothing:
When I found out I was having a boy I knew it was going to be harder to find cute clothes. It has made me more creative when dressing Adler as well. Gap hast he cutest boy clothes. The majority of Adler’s wardrobe is from gap. I really love their jeans/pants and how they fit Adler. 
Carter’s has cute clothes as well and they are cheaper! Their onesies are my favorite because they are long and skinny just like Adler. They are perfect and comfortable and Adler lives in them!

All clothes from gap!

Cater's Onesie

Freshly Picked Moccs:
Everybody has heard about these moccs and they live up to the hype. Adler kicks his feet all the time and they stay on his little feet. The owner of the shop does a great job providing different patterns and colors to fit in with the current trends of the season. They are a little expensive but I wait for sales and then I buy them! The owner also does giveaways every week. Hopefully one day I will win a giveaway and be able to own a lot!

Boppy pillow:
This item was something that I was planning on buying but never got around to it because I felt like I didn’t need it once Adler was born. Around 4 months I decided I needed one because my cousin told me how it’s better to help them sit when they don’t totally get the hang of the Bumbo.  It will also be great for when I nurse my next child.

Costco Wipes and Pampers diapers:
I am in love with Costco wipes! They are thick and oversized which makes wiping so much easier. They don’t leave any film behind and I use them for everything. 
I also love Pampers diapers but I am not opposed to Huggies! The best advice I got on diapers was to go one size bigger than the size they actually fit in and synch it tight! This has prevented a lot of blow outs and leaks. Best advice ever!

Formula Separator:
Before I had kids I always watched my cousin use this and I thought it was the best thing! We bought one of these and it was totally worth it! Everything you buy for a child needs to make things easier and faster and this product does that. When Adler is crying for a bottle I am glad I can quickly get his bottle ready. I also heard someone say that they are good for little snacks when the kids get older.

Things for Next Pregnancy:
I also have a list of things I want for my next pregnancy. A lot of these things I thought I didn’t need and could get by without but after going through one pregnancy I think next time around I will definitely invest in these items.

Sleep Pillow:
When I entered my 3rd trimester I fully intended to buy a body pillow to sleep with. I started putting two normal pillows around my body which worked pretty well so I ended up not buying one.
This is the one I want: pillow

WHY I WILL BUY ONE: I am going to buy one for next pregnancy because even though my makeshift body pillow worked it took up a ton of space. I know I will get my money’s worth for the pillow and I’m sure they are very comfy! 

Most of the blogs I read said to just buy normal clothes but just in the next size up. I disagree with this. I was lucky that besides pants I could wear most of my normal tops through most of my pregnancy. I didn’t want to buy a lot of maternity clothes because I didn’t want to spend money on clothes I would never wear again (until next pregnancy). But I regret this. 
The best maternity jeans: H&M

WHY I WILL BUY THEM: Like I said I made it pretty far in my normal clothes so I was feeling good about not buying maternity clothes. Buy by the end of my pregnancy I didn’t want to stretch out my normal clothes. I bought a few maternity tops and thought they would be enough until I gave birth. I was wrong. My number one reason for wanting to buy more maternity clothes next time is to look cute and feel good about how I look during the last weeks of pregnancy. The last weeks of pregnancy you feel really big but for the most part you are still out and about. I had 4 tops that I worn on repeat and I feel like I would have felt better about how I looked if I had cute clothes to wear. My favorite places to get maternity jeans is H&M and they also have cute tops for a good price so you don’t feel guilty spending a lot of money. Gap also has cute maternity clothes. 

Maternity Pictures and Pictures in hospital:
Pictures are a great way to document this amazing time in your life.

WHY I WILL PROBABLY TAKE THEM NEXT TIME: Even though I took my own pictures having it done professionally can really capture the emotions and joy you are feeling. Having pictures taken in the hospital can also let you and your husband focus on your new baby and not worry about trying to get lots of pictures to remember the moment. I am not 100% sure I will do these but I definitely will think hard about it.

Newborn pictures:
I wanted to take these when Adler was born but I couldn’t fully commit. I personally don’t like all of the props and backgrounds they use for newborn pictures and just wanted to the pictures to just be of my new little baby and Dane and I.

WHY I WILL PROBABLY TAKE THEM NEXT TIME: I have seen some pictures I like so if I can find a photographer that will take the pictures I want I will for sure do it. I will also schedule it before I give birth because after you are so focused on your baby it’s hard to try to set up an appointment.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Adler is 5 Months!

I am a little late with this post but Adler is 5 months! I can’t believe it! I am trying to soak up every moment I possibly can.

Adler had his fourth month appointment a little late because we were traveling so it was a week before he turned 5 months. He got his second round of shots and he weights 13lbs and 12 ounces and he is 26 1/4 inches tall.

Adler rolls both ways! He started doing this about 4 weeks ago. I am not sure if he likes rolling I think he would much rather crawl. He is very anxious to sit on his own and crawl. He seems to be close to sitting on his own but he basically just wants to eat everything so practice sitting only lasts until he can find something to put in his mouth.

We wanted to start food with him last week but I wasn’t feeling the greatest so hopefully this next week we will start food. I am planning on making my own baby food and I am actually really excited about it. I have received the advice to start with veggies because if they get the sweet taste of fruit first sometimes it’s hard for kids to switch to veggies. We also are still debating weather or not to use rice cereal. I will totally take pictures/video of his first taste of food and post about it.

He’s been teething and drooling for months now, so we keep looking for teeth. We feel like it could be any day now, especially since he really wants to chew on everything.

He loves to sleep on his side. Most of the time when we put him in his crib he instantly rolls onto his side to sleep. It is very cute. I think he finds comfort with things touching his cheek. He also rotates all over his bed. Sometimes we go to check on him and he is sideways or his head is where his feet use to be. It’s very funny.

sorry it's a dark picture
He will hold his burp cloth near his face while he falls cute

He has figured out how to put his pacifier in his mouth. Sometimes it takes a while to get it the right direction but he can do it! He also recognizes his bottle and just stares at it while we make it. He can hold his bottle he just can’t really tilt it up yet but hopefully he will learn soon. That will make life so much easier!

He likes to snuggle when he is tired and this makes me so happy! I hope he is snuggly when he gets older. 

He actually responds and smiles/laughs at peek a boo! A few months ago I got no reaction what so ever so I am glad he is actually starting to like it! He still laughs and smiles at the most random things and it makes me so happy. 

Probably one of the funniest things he does is say “hi”. It is a very clear “hi” but I know he has no idea he is saying it. When he was just starting to make noises I would also say “hi” in an airy voice and that would get him to start talking so that is where I think he picked it up. But like I said he has no idea what he is saying. It was really funny when we sat down on a airplane to Virginia and the man next to us said “hi little buddy” and he totally clearly said “hi” back. It caught the guy off guard and he was like “You can’t talk yet!” I can’t wait until he actually knows what he is saying. 

Here are some cute pictures of my growing boy I can’t believe at the end of this month he will be half a year old!!

If you tickle his lower back while he is on his tummy he brings his little legs up under him

that face!

sleeping with Grandpa

At the Idaho State Fair 

And Utah's new aquarium which is so nice!

He didn't really get the concept yet but he liked it!

Adler is ready for Football!!