Saturday, July 29, 2017

Adler’s Safari 3rd Birthday:

Adler is 3! We celebrated the birthday boy by throwing him a Safari themed party! We had talked about having an animal party for a year so I think he was excited when the day finally arrived! We invited his friends over and they played some animal bowling, decorated binoculars, hunted for animals and enjoyed a snake sandwich and lion cake! I think Adler had a blast and we are so glad his friends could come! 

Party animals!


My sister made the cutest lion cake!

Birthday boy is 3!

Love my family!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Adler is 3!

My little boy keeps growing and growing! I can’t believe he is 3, because he definitely acts way older. He is very smart and inquisitive. He loves to play outside and pretend, especially if it involves swords. He is a ball of energy and still won’t sit through a whole movie. He is the greatest big brother to Ettley although now he is learning to share his toys with her and sometimes that isn’t very fun. He is the greatest staller in the world and knows if he says “Mom, let’s cuddle.” I will do anything for him. I love our little crazy 3 year old!

-Since we had his two year doctor appointment very close to his 3rd birthday he won’t have another check up until 4 years. He is still very skinny and very tall.

-HE LOVES TO SING!!!!! He sings all the time and learns words to songs very fast. Sometimes I am still surprised at how fast he picks up songs. I love when he just breaks out into song.

-He loves to buckle everything. This is only annoying when he buckles Ettley’s carseat before she is in it.

-He says he loves everything especially Mom, Dad and Ettley. Sometimes though he just randomly says “Mom, I love popcorn. We should eat some”.

-He says “Mom, Ettley is so cute,” a lot and I love it!

-I may have posted this somewhere already but he sings the ABC song and has been able to do that for a while now.

-He is very good at recalling past events like things that happened that day or when we were doing something a few days ago. But anything in the past is “last year.”

-He is able to “read” us stories that we have read to him in the past. He knows Brown Bear Brown Bear and tells us that one a lot.

-Before his naps I would make up a story to tell him. Sometimes he will make up a story to tell me and it’s usually about what he sees around him or what he did that day.

-Loves to ask “why” and “what happened” to everything.

-His favorite games to play are trick-or-treat and grocery shopping. At first with trick-or-treating he only wanted candy but after I realized this was going to be a regular game we switched to things around the house and pretend candy. We got so tired of playing it that anybody who would come over would get sucked into playing trick-or-treat.

-When we make the sound of a letter he can identify that letter. 

-Adler loves lollipops so one day when I gave him I said ok time to save the rest for later and he said “Mom, I love later!”

-We told him one time that he needs to sleep so that his body can get bigger and stronger and when he woke up from his nap he was very sad and I asked him why and he said because my tummy didn’t get bigger.

-When we ask him if he wants something he puts his finger to his chin and says hmmm.

-We were trying yo figure out where to eat one Saturday and I suggested Chick-fil-a to Dane and Adler said that is a great idea mom then we can go to Target (now you know where we spend most of our time)

-One day I asked Dane what time is was and Adler said “It’s time for lunch!” (it’s a song from the tv show Bubble Guppies)

-He will randomly says Mom you are my best friend and I melt.

-He knows he is from Virginia!

-Struggles with saying his L’s and his Th’s.

-During our church Christmas program the primary kids sang some songs and when they were done he said “Mom, that was a beautiful song.”

-During that same program he also heard a baby crying and asked me if that was baby Jesus crying.

We love Adler John and he constantly keeps us laughing and on our toes. I can’t wait to see what year 3 brings!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of him:

He loves his sister


Look at that pose!

He completed a tumbling class!

Their first (and only) movie in the movie theater

His hand in his pocket cracks me up!

A little unsure...

A giant stick maze!

Spraying the pirates with water!

His treasure!

Cousin love!

On our way to the Disney cruise

My little pirate

Hogwarts Express

Disney World!!!!

This is his shy face :)

Inside a ambulance...just looking around 


Ice skating wasn't super successful but he looks cute! 

Model status