Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ettley is 9 months:

Ettley is 9 months old! She is growing so fast. Here is what Ettley has been up to:

-She had her 9 month check up and she weighed 17 lbs 13 ounces (28th percentile) and was 28.25 inches tall (69th percentile). 

-She is getting a lot better at waving! She waved back to someone who waved at her. 

-She can say please, eat, all done and more in sign language. We taught Adler sign language and found it really helpful so we decided to teach it to Ettley as well.

-She says “uh-oh” and “Adler” and it’s my favorite!

-She got her two bottom teeth in. I love when little babies start to get teeth.

-She is getting better at going up and down stairs which is so good because my mom’s house have a lot!

-I still can’t decide what color her eyes are. They change colors everyday. I’m sure they will end up being hazel. 

We love our cute Ettley girl! Here are some cute pictures of her!

A little Valentine's Day photoshoot!

I love taking pictures of these two! Matching Mickey and Minnie pjs

Valentine's day

Sometimes playing with toys is tiring...

Cutest little bunny on Snapchat 

Oma and Opa came for a visit!

We went to the park

Got some yummy ice cream

and went to the zoo!

Opa singing some songs 

She wasn't always a fan of these pictures

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