Sunday, June 29, 2014

Adler is 3 Months Old!

Our little boy is growing up so fast! I have been looking back at all of the pictures of him and I can’t believe how big (and long) he has gotten! Despite the fast changes, it’s been incredible to see him develop his own little personality and experiencing even more firsts with him. 

Here is what’s new with Adler:

-He laughed for the first time a week ago. He was doing half laughs before but this was his first full on laugh. 

-He laughed because he is ticklish under his arms, his tummy and his neck! So, this is what we now do in our spare time.

-He loves to gnaw on his hands and he will gum our fingers anytime we put them near his mouth. I don’t know if this means he will start getting teeth soon but we got some teething toys just in case.

-When he has tummy time he kicks his little feet and moves himself forward. He also likes to arch his back when we change his diaper dodging the fresh new one. I have learned to change a diaper quickly! 

-He is so curious. He surveys everything around him and sometimes he won’t take a nap if too much is going on around him.

-Once he’s done looking around he focuses on stuff in front of him and has started to try and grab some toys.

-At 2 1/2 months old I started to realize that he can’t sleep wherever and I have to sleep him in his crib or bassinet so he will stay asleep.

-He is getting too big for his bassinet :(
one week (picture on the left)   3 months (picture on the right)

-He started sleeping through the night since he was two months and 1 week old and we are loving the spoils of a full night’s rest.

-He took his first plane ride home to Virginia and we also took our first solo flight back from Virginia. We went home for my cousins wedding and then decided to stay for a week after to spend time with my family. He did really well and only cried a little but as soon as he started eating he was fine!

-He loves hanging out with his aunts, grandma and grandpa. He loves being held but he also like to be laid down and kick his little legs.

his first pair of converses!

-He met his first dog (our family dog) and he didn’t seem phased by her. We may need a dog!

-His hair is getting lighter. Dane and I were both blonde when we were little so we won’t be surprised if this is the case. But we can’t seem to figure out what color his eyes are yet. Sometimes they look brown and sometimes they look blue/green. I’m sure he will have brown eyes because since I have brown eyes he has a 50% chance of being like me.

-As for me, I am strictly pumping. Keeping up my milk supply is hard but I am determined to do it for as long as I can.

Now the best part…pictures!

I love when he crosses his hands

Building Dane's Father's Day present together
mommy snuggles

his first overalls

I love my sleepy boy

super hero Adler

I love this smile

3 months!

1st nap in his crib

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Favorite Baby Products So Far: 0-3 months

Being a mom has been the most amazing experience ever! When I first got pregnant I was filled with excitement and joy but when I got near the beginning of my 3rd trimester I started to realize just how much stuff you need when you have a baby. There were so many brands of bottles, baby socks, blankets, and baby carriers out there that I had no idea which brand was the best. I decided that it was going to have to be a trial and error thing and based on recommends from people. Here are some of my favorite baby products:

Bouncer: The Mamaroo
There are so many different bouncers out there but the Mamaroo has a whole new take on the bouncer. With 5 different motions and 5 different speed settings you can mimic your arms or a car ride. This has been a lifesaver what Adler wants to be held and I need to get things done I just put him in it and he either falls asleep or is calm and content. I would recommend this product to every new mom and it is worth the investment. 

Bottlers: Dr. Brown
There are way too many bottles out there and I’m sure they are all great in there own way. I received some of these bottles at my baby shower and at that point I didn’t know what set these apart from other bottles. After using them I learned that they help reduce bubbles and extra air in the stomach which helps prevent colic and upset stomachs in babies. These bottles make eating so much easier on Adler. 

Baby carrier/wrap: Solly Baby 
I found this product while looking at other moms on Instagram. I looked up on the website and it looked pretty great. I hadn’t heard of this one before I had only ever heard of the moby wrap (and of course the hard carriers). I wanted a soft wrap because my sister-in-law said they are amazing to travel with because you can take the baby out whenever you need to but leave the wrap on your body and not get uncomfortable. After I saw this one I did some research to do a comparison between the moby wrap and the solely baby wrap. I feel like this one is a personal choice because I never tried a moby wrap but I love how soft and lightweight this one is (I don’t sweat when I wear it). 
I keep forgetting to take a picture of him in this! I will post a picture later!

Blankets: Aiden and Anais 
Most people have heard of these but I just have to say I love them. They are breathable and big enough to swaddle your baby in. They have lots of choices now and I have purchased the classic and the bamboo ones. The classic are better for swaddling because they don’t have as much stretch as the bamboo ones. The bamboo ones are really soft though. Just buy some of each you can never have too many blankets!

Velcro Swaddles: Summer
When Adler got a little bigger he was able to get his hands out of the swaddle blankets which then woke him up. My sister-in-laws use these swaddles and we thought we would give them a try since Adler sleeps so much better when swaddled. Ever since trying them he sleeps even better and I love that the part on his legs isn’t super tight. 
Going back to sleep after his morning feeding!

Burp cloths: cloth diapers
I feel like this is the best kept secret even though every time I see a mom she is using these as her burp cloths. Before I gave birth (and even until my mom came) I had no idea this is what people used. The fancy ones were great but they were small and not very wide. The cloth diapers are great absorbers and big enough for us. I love these and don’t know what I would do without them. 

Baby Socks: Gymboree 
You always hear how baby socks never stay on babies feet but there is that time when you find the perfect socks for your babies feet and you want to tell everyone you finally found the perfect socks. For us it was Gymboree socks. He would kick and kick and they would never come off. These are good quality socks as well and super cute. 

(right now certain ones are on sale for $1.99)

Stroller: Bugaboo Bee
I did a stroller comparison here and I  am so happy with my choice. This stroller is easy to open and close, I can steer it with one hand (which is HUGE), it turns so easy and it is aesthetically pleasing. 

Bugaboo Bee via Nordstroms can also go to 

I know every baby is different and sometimes you have to try lots of different brands before you find what you love. I love all of these products and I would recommend them to every mom new and experienced.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Adler is 2 Months Old!

Time has flown! He no longer looks like a newborn and I know I’ll  miss his newborn phase but this new phase is so much fun! He is so much more interactive and he is starting to look more like us. 

We had his 2 month appointment today. We measured him (which we haven’t done since he was 2 weeks) he weights 10lbs and 8 ounces (in the 10th percentile) and he is 24 3/4 inches tall (in the 98th percentile). So we have a tall, skinny baby! He takes after his dad. He also got his first round of shots today and it was hard for me to watch. 

Here are somethings about Adler at 2 months:

-He smiles and coos/“talks” at us all the time!! It is so cute but every time we pick up our camera to record it he just stops and stares with big eyes at the camera. Little stinker! We have captured his talking a little on film though and it’s so cute!

-He loves his baths except when he is not in the warm water. He hates being cold.

-He hates it when he gets the hiccups (but who really likes the hiccups). 

-He is in between clothing sizes right now. Newborn clothes are too short but 0-3 month clothing are too wide. We finally switched over to 0-3 month clothing when he turned 2 months and it is sad because he is getting bigger but I am also happy I have more clothing options now. His clothes are a little big but he is still cute!

-He loves to be swaddled and it helps him sleep at night and during the day. For the most part he will give us 5 hours of sleep a night but the last few nights he has been sleeping from 10:30-6am! If he breaks out of his swaddle it wakes him up earlier so we have switched to velcro swaddles instead of just swaddle blankets. I don’t know when we can say he sleeps through the night but I hope this continues. The doctor said he might be giving us 10-12 hours by the time he is 4 months! We are hoping for that!

-He loves standing on my lap and for the most part can hold his head up but sometimes still face plants into our shoulders. 

-He is an amazing baby! He is happy to just lay on the ground and kick. The only time he really cries is when he is fighting going to sleep but it’s rare that it is a full on cry. 

-He loves to be snuggled and held. This puts him right to sleep but for my sake later on I am trying to let him put himself to sleep. This is hard for me because I love snuggling with him and I am trying to take full advantage of it.

-He sucks his fists a lot and it’s so cute! I wonder if he will be a thumb sucker.

-When we change his diaper he likes to push himself away from us and back bend making it difficult to put his diaper on. He smiles every time he does it. 

-His Mamaroo is a lifesaver and everyone should own one! I am going to do a post about my favorite baby things.

-He has been on 4 road trips already to Utah and Dillon, MT. He loves the car and promptly falls asleep and stays asleep for the whole road trip.

-He recognizes his name. When we call his name he searches for us and then smiles.

I love experiencing all of these firsts with Adler. I can’t wait to keep watching him grow and experiencing more firsts with him. He will take his first airplane ride in 3 weeks and I hope he will do great! 

Moms do you recommend traveling with your own stroller and carseat or if I use ones that my mom has in Virginia is that better? 

                                                                       Our Family shoot

Bath time!

His two month photo shoot... I LOVE the smiley ones

At the Farmers Market in Idaho Falls

I love that his feet are crossed 

This picture gets me! I love that Dane reads his stories every night 

Mommy snuggles