Sunday, June 29, 2014

Adler is 3 Months Old!

Our little boy is growing up so fast! I have been looking back at all of the pictures of him and I can’t believe how big (and long) he has gotten! Despite the fast changes, it’s been incredible to see him develop his own little personality and experiencing even more firsts with him. 

Here is what’s new with Adler:

-He laughed for the first time a week ago. He was doing half laughs before but this was his first full on laugh. 

-He laughed because he is ticklish under his arms, his tummy and his neck! So, this is what we now do in our spare time.

-He loves to gnaw on his hands and he will gum our fingers anytime we put them near his mouth. I don’t know if this means he will start getting teeth soon but we got some teething toys just in case.

-When he has tummy time he kicks his little feet and moves himself forward. He also likes to arch his back when we change his diaper dodging the fresh new one. I have learned to change a diaper quickly! 

-He is so curious. He surveys everything around him and sometimes he won’t take a nap if too much is going on around him.

-Once he’s done looking around he focuses on stuff in front of him and has started to try and grab some toys.

-At 2 1/2 months old I started to realize that he can’t sleep wherever and I have to sleep him in his crib or bassinet so he will stay asleep.

-He is getting too big for his bassinet :(
one week (picture on the left)   3 months (picture on the right)

-He started sleeping through the night since he was two months and 1 week old and we are loving the spoils of a full night’s rest.

-He took his first plane ride home to Virginia and we also took our first solo flight back from Virginia. We went home for my cousins wedding and then decided to stay for a week after to spend time with my family. He did really well and only cried a little but as soon as he started eating he was fine!

-He loves hanging out with his aunts, grandma and grandpa. He loves being held but he also like to be laid down and kick his little legs.

his first pair of converses!

-He met his first dog (our family dog) and he didn’t seem phased by her. We may need a dog!

-His hair is getting lighter. Dane and I were both blonde when we were little so we won’t be surprised if this is the case. But we can’t seem to figure out what color his eyes are yet. Sometimes they look brown and sometimes they look blue/green. I’m sure he will have brown eyes because since I have brown eyes he has a 50% chance of being like me.

-As for me, I am strictly pumping. Keeping up my milk supply is hard but I am determined to do it for as long as I can.

Now the best part…pictures!

I love when he crosses his hands

Building Dane's Father's Day present together
mommy snuggles

his first overalls

I love my sleepy boy

super hero Adler

I love this smile

3 months!

1st nap in his crib

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