Saturday, July 5, 2014

Red, White and Blue- 4th of July 2014

This was Adler's first 4th of July and I think he enjoyed it (or at least we enjoyed it)! My mom, sisters and I picked out his outfit when I was at home in Virginia. Unfortunately it was too big. As soon as we stood him up his shorts slipped down. 

He will hold toys but only when we put them in his hands hah

After we changed him into something that fit we ate lunch and then went to a park. I had wanted a family picture for a while and I thought the 4th was a perfect day to take one because our outfits were already coordinated. 

I LOVE how this picture turned out!

Adler with his Daddy

I love this picture too

This picture was risky considering Adler is a spitter...luckily no spit up

He likes to eat everything! Even my sleeves.

After the park we went home for Adler's nap and then we had dinner just the two of us. After dinner we met up with some friends to go to the Idaho Falls Firework show. I swear the entire town was there. I heard that people from all around come to see this show and it was a great firework show.

We brought his pjs which was good because as soon as the fireworks started he fell asleep (I was wondering if he would be scared of fireworks and he wasn't).

It was a good 4th of July and I am excited for next year when Adler will be a little older and actually participate.

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