Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend with Dallin and Adler’s First trip to the Zoo:

Dane’s youngest brother Dallin decided to come and visit us in Idaho Falls this weekend. He got in Friday night and we decided to just hang out at home and watch a movie. The next morning Dane and Dallin took the RZR (which Dane has named “Hobbes”) out while Adler and I hung out at home. I was wondering where they were after some time went by and I got a call form Dane that Hobbes got a pretty bad flat tire!

They hurried at got the wheel over to the dealer so we could still make our lunch plans to one of our all time favorite places to eat here called Snakebite. If we leave Idaho Falls I will certainly miss this place.
They never smile for my pictures

After lunch we headed to the Zoo. I was excited to find out that Idaho Falls had a Zoo because it gave me something to look forward to doing with Adler. We figured that this weekend would be a great weekend to go with Dallin in town and incredible weather. For being relatively small it is a very good Zoo. They didn't have a ton of animals but they had a good variety and they had a little playground and petting zoo. I am not a huge fan of Zoos anymore since going to Africa. I mostly feel bad for the animals but it was fun to take Adler and show him everything. We saw lions and bears and lots of birds and monkeys and even a red panda! I am excited when he can start making animal noises back at me. 
Red Panda


The real tiger wouldn't look at us so we took a picture with the fake one

The lions were big!

Adler didn't really care about the animals maybe when he is older

This monkey was just chillin next to Dallin

Cute baby flamingo 

After the Zoo Adler needed a nap so we went back home and the boys played all sorts of video games that Dane hadn’t played in ages. I’m glad when Dane hangs out with his brothers because then he has someone to play video games with. That night we went out to dinner and then watched another movie.
Dane was playing the game with his feet while feeding Adler...he is creative!

Dallin left this morning and even though it was a short trip I love having family visit. I need to explore Idaho Falls more with Adler so when other people come to visit we will have lots of fun things to do. 

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