Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Trip to Utah Including a Trip to the Urgent Care

This last weekend we decided to take a trip up to Utah to visit some friends and of course do some shopping! Our cousins Casey and Sarah just bought a house so we were excited to stay with them and check out their new place. It is very nice and very spacious.

Adler's car selfie--too bad he was asleep

Taking a breaking to feed Adler and teach him to drive!

I LOVE his big eyes!

 We got in Friday night and we stopped for dinner at Happy Sumo. I really miss this place.

Adler and Dane matched.

Saturday we went to the new Orem rec center to try out their new indoor water play area with Casey, Sarah, Emme and Scarlett  but when we got there it was packed and the next available time to enter was 5pm. We decided to just go to the Provo rec center and we had a great time. Dane's brother Dallin joined us which was nice because the boys could go play while the girls hung out. I think Adler enjoyed the pool although his swimsuit kept falling off his body. Dane took his under a small drizzle of water and he didn't cry, so I think he will like water when he is older. 

The pool put him to sleep! I love it when he hugs his burp cloth or his blanket and look at those lashes!

After the pool we had to run some errands like we always do every time we visit Utah. Adler always needs new clothes and I have to say GAP has the cutest boy clothes ever! We also stopped at Costco to get some pjs for Adler and I have been wanting to try Costco wipes for a while. I'm also a big fan that the Nordstroms Anniversary sale falls before my birthday. After all of our errands we went to go eat dinner at Malawi's in the Riverwoods.

I had been craving their steak salad and I couldn't wait to eat it. We ordered, sat down and I took a huge bite of the salad expecting the tangy taste of the balsamic dressing but instead I got a different sweet taste. I was a little confused and just thought they must have changed their recipe. A few bites in my mouth started to feel tingly and like it was swelling so I stopped eating the salad and switch with Dane and finished his pizza thinking nothing of it. After dinner we walked around Riverwoods. About 20 minutes after dinner I started to feel sick to my stomach and my eyes started to water like crazy. The back of my throat started to swell a little and it was getting a little hard to breathe. It felt like I was having asthma attack. Dane asked if I wanted to go to the Urgent Care and I said yes. When we got there the lady asked me what was wrong and when I started to tell her my voice was almost gone. This was a strange side effect and I wasn't sure what was happening to me. 

While we were waiting Dane called Malawi's and asked what ingredients were on the salad and in the dressing. They were telling him and Dane asked if they had changed the dressing. They said no and they said they probably accidentally put the Thai dressing on my salad instead which had peanut butter in it. I was freaking out I have never actually eaten peanuts or peanut butter I have only eaten peanut oil and the reaction I have to that is very different and goes away on it's own. I didn't know how serious it was but I was glad I didn't eat the whole salad. 

After meeting with the doctor he told me that my throat wasn't closing up and he prescribed me 3 medicines to take over 10 days. I felt a lot better the next day, but I was very sad, because I won't be able to breastfeed Adler while I am on the medication. Plus, I have heard that if you take steroids it can dry up your milk supply (I don't know if that is true).

After that eventful night the next morning we packed up and left for Idaho. It was a fun weekend and certainly not a boring one. Hopefully our next trip to Utah won't include a Urgent care trip!

(I just realized that there are hardly any pictures of Adler and Dane but Dane was there haha)


  1. The story about your allergic reaction is scary! I am glad you ended up being okay. I hope you're able to go back to breastfeeding Adler after you finish the medications with ease! :) And hopefully we get to see you next time you come! We are still thinking of a weekend to come see you - hopefully in the next month!

  2. So I totally tried to leave a comment here the other day, but I don't know what happened to it! I'll try again ;) That's totally freaky that you had an allergic reaction! Just reading it made me feel like my throat was closing up :/ And I totally thought the Urgent Care trip was going to be for Adler! Glad everything ended up okay! And I love your stilettos :) See you Saturday!