Friday, October 23, 2015

Adler- 16-18 months

I can’t believe Adler is 18 months (almost 19 months now!)! He is getting so big and growing up so fast. I love this age though! At first I thought I would be one of those people that loved the first year the most. Don’t get me wrong holding a newborn is amazing and I love watching all the milestones of the first year, but the interaction you get at this age and how he enjoys all the activities we do is awesome. 

We were behind on doctors appointments because of the move so at his 18 month apt. the poor boy and to get some extra shots. He’s not a fan of the doctor…but I can’t blame him! 

-His 18 month stats: He is 33 1/2 inches long (84th percentile) and he only weighs 22.4 lbs (10th percentile). This always surprises me because he eats non-stop! 

16/17 months:
-He started repeating words back to us but usually only I understand what he’s saying haha.
-He still LOVES books.
-He has started to get the concept of fake eating things… We usually eat his belly button and then he will pretend to eat it as well along with fake fruit from books. I think this is so funny.
-He knows lots of animal noises, like a duck and elephant. His pig noise is so funny!
-He is a loving boy and tries to give hugs to little kids but we are still working on being soft.
-He understands what we are saying to him and usually listens to us.
-He walks on his tip toes and it is adorable he usually does this when he is hiding. Then he jumps out and says “boo!”
-He loves to get a laugh! If you laugh at something he does he will keep doing it just to make you laugh more!
-He LOVES trains, cars and trucks! 
-Says “Thank You” and “I love you.”
-He sticks his pointer finger up and says Ah-ha! (thanks aunt Melissa for teaching him that!) It’s adorable!

18 months:
-He is talking more and it’s becoming clearer. He has started to put words together but only sometimes and it’s still not the clearest. 
-He will respond to us when we ask him yes or no questions. He says yes more often the no. 
-When something is wrong he says “uh-oh!” It’s so cute! He also says “more.” Sometimes in sign language and sometimes he actually says it. 
-We got him a forward facing carseat. I know he isn’t 2 yet but his legs were getting too long to face backwards anymore and he is heavy enough. He loves it and we call it his big boy chair and he gets really excited to go in the car. He loves looking out the window and seeing all the cars and trucks as we are driving.
This is his old carseat but this was taken after we bought his new one! I love that he's holding his balloon while he sleeps.
-We started going to a music class and I think he loves it. We sing songs and play with instruments. He really likes playing with the instruments. At first he didn’t really get it but now he has caught on. It’s cute when we are at home and he will start doing the movements of one of the songs. Also at the end of each activity the teacher will sing the first note of a scale to get the kids ready to start something new. Adler will sometimes sing this note with her and it is so cute! I hope Adler is musically gifted!

-He started nursery at church and he loves it! He doesn’t even care when we leave him! Part of me is happy that he is independent and loves playing and learning but the other part wishes he would miss me just a little, haha.
-We have been doing a ton of October activities (hopefully a blog post will be coming soon) and one of the first ones we went to had a petting zoo. Adler loves animals! He liked the pigs and goats the best. The goats were outside of their cages and the owner said you could feed them leaves and Adler loved that. He was a little iffy on petting them though. 

-When we whisper to him he will respond with a whisper! He also can use his quiet voice which is a whisper but usually only for one word then it’s back to his loud voice.
-He copies a lot, especially Dad! lately he has been copying how Dad whistles for Maggie and how Dad blows his nose.
-He is starting to get puzzles and his favorite is one with animals.
-He is so close to doing a somersault. He just needs a little push to get all the way over.   
-We have some “I Spy” books and he is good at finding pictures of things we ask him to find.

Adler has a lot of energy! Dane says that’s how boys are! I love Adler and all his energy and I can’t wait to continue to watch him grow and learn. 

One of my favorite pictures!

We met Susan from Freshly Picked! She is amazing!

Playing with daddy!

His selfie game is strong!

Walking Maggie!

I love when he reads on his stomach!

First time at Benihanas

One night it was cold enough to wear this jacket. We are still waiting for it to be cold enough again to wear it more!

His uh-oh face! These are just one pair of his Halloween pjs...I couldn't decide so he has 3 pairs!

Blog post about Cox's Farm coming soon! I have so many pictures!

Adler whistling for a cute video on my Instagram 

From our train ride adventure!
We love October!