Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sneak Peek at My DIY Hot Air Balloons

 I recently threw a baby shower for one of my high school friends and I found these adorable DIY Hot Air Balloons that I knew would fit perfectly with my whimsical tea party theme.

Check out my event blog to see how to make them and use them for your next party or to hang in your child’s room!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Elder Dallin Rahlf

When I think of Dallin I think of a little kid who could beat me at Mario Kart  and said the most outrageous things that would always bring me to the floor with laughter. Dallin and the rest of my brothers are my best friends and I don't think that is any secret to those who know me.

But of all the things I remember and know about my brother Dallin, today he was true to a choice that has made me and Jordan the most proud of all. Today, Dallin entered the MTC to begin his 2 year LDS mission in Germany Austria and Switzerland.

Yes, I smile that he gets to learn the German language just as I did. Yes, my heart leaps that he is the 5th of of 5 brothers to go on his mission. Yes, Jordan had an emotional roller coaster because this is her first sibling to go off on a mission. But what truly moves the very center of my soul is his conviction to act on something be believes so deeply.

I play this scenario in my head every so often. Truthfully and honestly, if a stranger came up to you and asked you to tell them the most important thing in the world in just one sentence, what would you say? I imagine several people may not know what they would say or even where to begin.

Dallin not only has an answer but his conviction to that answer has lead him to dedicate two years of his life to tell people more about it.

When I think of Dallin he's still that little kid. But he has become quite the man. Jordan and I are glad to have a little brother that can lead by example.

Immer weiter, Bruder. Immer weiter.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Move to Idaho Falls (Part 1)

Last week Dane and I made our summer move to Idaho Falls. Dane started his new job at Klim on May 6th. We were both excited and stressed out to move down here because we didn’t have a place to live.

We stayed in a hotel the first week, which I loved because I love hotels. I don’t know why I love them so much but ever since I was little I was so excited when we got to stay in a hotel. I guess it’s just the little kid in me still. Even though we were living there it felt like we were on vacation and that makes all the more fun. If hotels weren’t so expensive I would live there all summer!

During that first week here I looked for a place to live and explored the location a little, which didn’t take long because Idaho Falls isn’t that big. It is nice though that the furthest I will have to go for something is ten minutes. So I explored while Dane went off to work to learn the ropes of his position.

Finding a place to live was a little hard because we were trying to stay within a specific living budget for a second apartment because we won’t sell our apartment in Utah until I finish school. Our ideal situation was finding a fully furnished place because we weren’t planning on moving any of our furniture down but that proved difficult since all of the furnished places were super expensive.

After tons of insight from friends, family and even bishops that Dane called from I finally found a little studio apartment that wasn’t furnished but there is literally only room for a bed so we thought it would be perfect.  It’s in Ammon, which is about two minutes from Idaho Falls. It is pretty much like Provo and Orem. It is a small place but it is perfect for our situation. I love how close it is to everything and for such a small place the kitchen is very nice. While searching for this place I also found another place that is the perfect place to move into for January when we come out here for good.

So far, Idaho Falls has been great. It is a big change and I never thought I would say this but I do miss Utah. I still don’t think I want Utah as our permanent home but I I’ll miss being near so much family and my friends. We will be back and forth between Utah and Idaho all summer so it doesn’t feel like we are permanently living in Idaho yet but we are excited for a new adventure and Dane is loving his new job. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A New Job

photo by Brandon Flint
The only reason I thought I would ever leave my job at Struck is if I found something that was almost too good to be true. Crazily enough, that is exactly what has happened.

Starting this Monday I will be working at KLIM as an Assistant Brand Manager. It's certainly a new adventure and a little change of pace from the agency world where I have lived since college. After the two and half years I spent with Struck writing, creating content, producing, strategizing and otherwise creative problem solving I found that what I was doing was really something that could truly be harnessed and used on the brand side of things. If you want, you can check out my portfolio here.

Long story short, one of my close friends and mentors told me of an opportunity to work with him at a Snowmobile and Moto-cross apparel company called KLIM in Idaho Falls. It was an incredible opportunity to work with an amazing company with an amazing group of people where I would continue to do what I love and learn the brand side of things from and incredible friend and professional. It is almost too good to be true. Jordan and I talked and prayed a lot about it and felt really good about making the move up north. It will be a tricky as Jordan finishes school, but we are extremely excited.

So here's to something new. If anyone is in the Idaho Falls area make sure to come and pay us a visit.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Story of Us

This is a love story. And because it's our love story, it's the most important one to be told.

It began at King Henry Apartments. He had recently returned from his mission and was mending a bleeding heart. She was a freshman– new to the world of college and completely oblivious to just how beautiful she was.

His first memory of her was inside the clubhouse. She was wearing a blue polo (he insists it is so) and she sat there smiling as they got to know one another. He got her number but due to his bleeding heart did not call.

His past was a shadow. When the sun was shining and things were all right in the world the shadow was right there beside him. But when the days grew gloomy or difficult the shadow was gone.

It was in those moments he would to escape to her. For you see, he would visit her just to hear her laugh. It was a contagious, warm embrace that would chase away any dark sky and make things better.

She loved it when he would visit. She loved to laugh with him. He would look into her eyes when he spoke to her and would treat her as the most important person in the room.

One day her asked her out to a group dinner. Although she had only returned from a late Chipotle run, she looked lovely and he was keen to notice it. They fabricated a wonderful story about a police chase then ended the night with the uncanny awesomeness of Jack Bauer.

But he could not rid himself of that shadow. It was always with him, though he wished it wasn’t so. She was falling for him, but knew his troubled heart and tried to restrain her hope for him.

During Christmas his past returned. He rejoiced! She wilted. It seemed the fairy tale story would end with someone else.

Yet– he still felt empty. Several times he would visit her to hear her laugh or to flirt. He enjoyed her presence like the flower does the sun. But he felt guilty for treating her so while it seemed they were not to be.

Her heart would flutter upon his visits but she knew not to hope. His shadow was not going to leave. Despite her attraction toward him she set her feelings aside to avoid the sting of lost love.

Just as she has tucked away her last feeling for him he broke away from his shadow! A new life, a new breath laid ahead and he often thought of her. He was unsure of her feelings for him but he could not contain himself from her. She was excited, yet fearful he may leave again.

The spring came, and she would leave for home. “Come visit me!” he begged. “Stay in touch and we’ll see,” she responded. He was worried. He was never good at writing, or calling. But he found himself contacting her as often as he could. And he thought of her even more.

“I’m staying in touch!” He claimed. And they sent each other friendly messages. A mutual friend was to be wed. Once he heard that she was attending the wedding, he purchased a ticket to be there as well.

They shared lovely moments. On the beach, in the car, at the wedding, on the couch, and while watching movies. Neither admitted their feelings. He was tempted several times to kiss her lips and guarded himself by suggesting it was all in playfulness.

The summer would move on. And he was persuaded he had to date other girls. He was afraid she would grow weary of his dating habits, as he had taken out several of her friends.

Yet still, he found himself at her door. Every day he would visit, and talk and confide and most importantly, laugh. She gravitated toward him but he was still too stubborn with his feelings to admit what he already knew.

He took her ice skating, when he was supposed to take someone else. He snuggled with her on the couch, cooked with her in the kitchen. And laughed. They were best friends.

Her best friend confronted him. “Either do something, or nothing, but never this in-between,” she told him. He went home that night fearful. What if she did not love him back? What if his heart would bleed again? In all the doubt, he could see her smile, hear her laugh and feel her touch.

A comfort came to his heart. He knew that if he pursued her, she would be the one. He was elated. He was nervous. Their first date was dinner and a movie. She was beautiful. He reached for her hand during the show and she reached back. His heart raced with loving frenzy and he began to feel a happiness he had never known.

She clung to him like warmth to a flame. They shared an enchanting kiss under the stars at a quiet playground. That kiss would spark many more and would propel a love into eternity.

He loved her. She loved him back. And both would always claim they loved the other more. They met each others families; each family welcomed them happily in.

It was early April. He had the ring.  She came to visit and he sent her on an Easter Egg hunt with the best ending any girl could hope for. After searching through several eggs, she crafted 4 pictures together that would read “Will ewe Murray Mii?”

He got down one knee and asked her to be his. She beamed a smile, kissed him dearly and then had him put the ring on her finger.

They were sealed on August 14, 2009 in the Washington D.C. Temple for time and all eternity. They continue to write more chapters of their love and laughter.