Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Elder Dallin Rahlf

When I think of Dallin I think of a little kid who could beat me at Mario Kart  and said the most outrageous things that would always bring me to the floor with laughter. Dallin and the rest of my brothers are my best friends and I don't think that is any secret to those who know me.

But of all the things I remember and know about my brother Dallin, today he was true to a choice that has made me and Jordan the most proud of all. Today, Dallin entered the MTC to begin his 2 year LDS mission in Germany Austria and Switzerland.

Yes, I smile that he gets to learn the German language just as I did. Yes, my heart leaps that he is the 5th of of 5 brothers to go on his mission. Yes, Jordan had an emotional roller coaster because this is her first sibling to go off on a mission. But what truly moves the very center of my soul is his conviction to act on something be believes so deeply.

I play this scenario in my head every so often. Truthfully and honestly, if a stranger came up to you and asked you to tell them the most important thing in the world in just one sentence, what would you say? I imagine several people may not know what they would say or even where to begin.

Dallin not only has an answer but his conviction to that answer has lead him to dedicate two years of his life to tell people more about it.

When I think of Dallin he's still that little kid. But he has become quite the man. Jordan and I are glad to have a little brother that can lead by example.

Immer weiter, Bruder. Immer weiter.

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  1. You are an awesome brother Dane. What a neat post about him. Best of luck to him!