Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Move to Idaho Falls (Part 1)

Last week Dane and I made our summer move to Idaho Falls. Dane started his new job at Klim on May 6th. We were both excited and stressed out to move down here because we didn’t have a place to live.

We stayed in a hotel the first week, which I loved because I love hotels. I don’t know why I love them so much but ever since I was little I was so excited when we got to stay in a hotel. I guess it’s just the little kid in me still. Even though we were living there it felt like we were on vacation and that makes all the more fun. If hotels weren’t so expensive I would live there all summer!

During that first week here I looked for a place to live and explored the location a little, which didn’t take long because Idaho Falls isn’t that big. It is nice though that the furthest I will have to go for something is ten minutes. So I explored while Dane went off to work to learn the ropes of his position.

Finding a place to live was a little hard because we were trying to stay within a specific living budget for a second apartment because we won’t sell our apartment in Utah until I finish school. Our ideal situation was finding a fully furnished place because we weren’t planning on moving any of our furniture down but that proved difficult since all of the furnished places were super expensive.

After tons of insight from friends, family and even bishops that Dane called from Mormon.org I finally found a little studio apartment that wasn’t furnished but there is literally only room for a bed so we thought it would be perfect.  It’s in Ammon, which is about two minutes from Idaho Falls. It is pretty much like Provo and Orem. It is a small place but it is perfect for our situation. I love how close it is to everything and for such a small place the kitchen is very nice. While searching for this place I also found another place that is the perfect place to move into for January when we come out here for good.

So far, Idaho Falls has been great. It is a big change and I never thought I would say this but I do miss Utah. I still don’t think I want Utah as our permanent home but I I’ll miss being near so much family and my friends. We will be back and forth between Utah and Idaho all summer so it doesn’t feel like we are permanently living in Idaho yet but we are excited for a new adventure and Dane is loving his new job. 

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  1. Glad you found a place :) Wish we were close enough to visit!