Monday, December 29, 2014

Mommy Style Monday: Grey sweater and LOVE tee

This is one of my favorite tees. It’s a Zoe Karssen and if you haven’t tried on of her tees they are super soft and the perfect fit. I even wore this tee up until 28 weeks pregnant and it didn’t stretch out! 

My hair has spent a lot of time up and thank goodness for the top knot because it makes my look more polished. I also thought I could never pull off red lipstick but that was because I wasn’t used to seeing myself in it. Now and wear it when I need a little color to my outfit and love looking for excuses to put it on. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Adler's 1st Christmas!!

Adler's 1st Christmas was so much fun! We went home to Virginia to spend it with my family which was so nice especially with my Dad's current situation. We got to bring my Dad home from the rehab center on Christmas Eve, so we were excited to spend Christmas morning at our home. Obviously Adler doesn't really get the concept Christmas yet but he did enjoy playing with wrapping paper and ribbons. He also loved staring at the Christmas lights and surprisingly didn't pull anything off the Christmas tree but that might have been because he couldn't really reach the tree thanks to the abundance of gifts under.
Christmas this year was great and I am so excited for next year when Adler will be more excited for presents and traditions!

I don't have a lot of pictures because we were trying to enjoy the morning but here is what we have:
This was taken on Christmas Eve and I love that little face!

After we got our Christmas PJs! I love this picture

This is by far the best picture we got though!

Christmas Morning

I have seen this a lot of places and I was excited to do this...yes it's on Football paper not really Christmas but very Dane 

Taken at our house before we left for VA!

I love my baby boy!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cousin Christmas Party and Weekend in Utah:

We went to Utah for our cousin Christmas party. Every time we go to Utah now we have a list of things to get done and people to see. This weekend was a little more relaxed but we still had a lot to do. 

We stayed with my cousin Megan and her husband Adam. I enjoyed this because she is expecting her first child so we talked all night about pregnancy and babies and I loved it! I miss being pregnant (even though I love having my Adler) and I can’t wait to get pregnant again. 

On Saturday we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch with Dane’s brothers and cousins, hung out and did our christmas gift exchange. We went to Costco afterwards because unfortunately Idaho Falls does not have one (and it kills me!) and I needed more baby wipes. These are by far my favorite wipes because they are big and don’t leave a film behind. 

Next we did a little christmas shopping and headed over to Amy’s house for the party! I love these cousin parties because it reminds me of when we were all younger and just played all night. We ate some pizza, did our gift exchange and then just talked all night. We also sang some christmas songs around the piano. It was a very merry indeed and I can’t wait for our girls trip in January!

Adler and his cousin at BW3's 

So cute!

At Amy's house 

Everyone with their Secret Santa gift!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Mommy Style Monday: Bien sweatshirt and hat

Ever since giving birth I have had to rethink many of my wardrobe choices. I still loved my dry-clean only sweaters and heels but those didn’t seem like the greatest option anymore. I wasn’t willing to ruin my nice sweaters and since I was on my feet A LOT I wanted to be more mobile on my feet. Now don’t get me wrong, my nice sweaters and heels still get lots of use but it was time for me to find a comfortable and stylish mommy style. 

When I first gave birth I wore a lot of sweats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. I would always see moms on Instagram looking so stylish and put together. I always thought how could they do that with all the stresses that come with being a first time mom (later I learned don’t judge someone’s life based on what you see on Instagram). I was sick of of wearing sweats all the time and not looking cute so I decided to start putting together outfits that were stylish but still comfortable. I also wanted an outfit that I would wear out on a date night or a night with the girls. I decided to start taking pictures of my outfits so that I would force myself to look cute and it really helped me feel better about myself because we all know our body is a little off when we first give birth.

This might sound obvious to most people but I thought I would be one of those moms that still wore all my nice clothes and wouldn’t have to change my style at all. I was wrong. And even though my outfits are clothes I already had in my closet, knowing I can still look cute and throw my outfit in the wash after a long day is very comforting. 

I love this outfit because it is very simple but I feel like the hat elevates the look. The hat is also perfect for when you don’t have time to shower. The ankle boots are from Old Navy and they are so comfortable and on trend. 

I can also add a red lip to this outfit to make it a little nicer for a date night with the husband or a night out with the girls. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thanksgiving In VA and a Trip to See Santa:

We spent Thanksgiving this year in Virginia with my family. With my dad’s condition our holiday was very low key. I had been there with Adler for 3 weeks prior to Thanksgiving because Dane was traveling all month for work. My sisters still had school and my mom had her errands and prior commitments so Adler and I hung out with my dad. 
A Fireside at the D.C. Temple--Denis Pitta who played BYU football

My best friend is getting married! So we went wedding dress shopping 

Best Cupcakes ever!! There was no line at Georgetown Cupcakes (which NEVER happens) so we had to get some!

She was sick (and a nurse) so she wore a mask

We went on lots of walks!

The Monday before Thanksgiving the Rodgers (my dad’s sister) came for the week and so did Melissa, Amanda and Dane. 

We went out to eat a lot (because we had to save our fridge space for Thanksgiving leftovers) and we went to breakfast at one of my favorite places, Founding Farmers. This is a must go if you are in the Virginia/ Maryland/DC area. Their breakfast is so fresh and delicious. 

For Thanksgiving Dane’s brother Tony and his family joined us for dinner. This was fun because their littlest boy is a little over 3 months older than Adler. Adler enjoyed playing with his cousins and we enjoyed catching up with Dane’s brother and sister-in-law. 

I love colorful carrots 

We decided to go to Georgetown on Black Friday which we were a little nervous about. I am not a big fan of Black Friday even though I love to shop. I hate crowds. I’ll only go through with long waits if I’m in line for a roller coaster at Disneyland. Georgetown on Black Friday is not bad at all! We got a lot of Christmas shopping done but I’m glad Dane was able to take Adler home half way through.

On Saturday we spent the day with Tony and his family again and that night we went to see Santa. I wanted to go with my parents so they could experience Adler’s first visit to Santa with us. I didn’t think Adler would be scared of Santa because usually he just stares at strangers for a long time which is exactly what he did. I don’t know if we will be as lucky next year though. 

Santa’s Workshop was sponsored by HGTV so there were a lot of little rooms to visit before we got to Santa which is great when there is a long line. 

Adler was on the Nice list!

Santa's Living Room 

It was a great experience with Santa and we can’t wait to go back to Virginia for Christmas! 

Until next time Virginia! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Adler is 8 months!

Adler is 8 months (or was on November 28th)! I keep getting so far behind on his monthly posts and I can’t even imagine trying to do this for a little sister or brother while Adler is running around (no not pregnant)! Adler has had a ton of firsts in the 7-8 month stretch and I love that he is growing and I can’t wait for more!

- He is pulling himself up on anything and everything that will support him. He takes a few steps to the sides but hasn’t quite figured out how to walk around the furniture. 

-He started giving kisses when we were home for the holidays and I’m obsessed! Of course they are wet open mouth kisses but I love them!

-He loves Peek-a-boo still and even knows to build suspense himself when he plays with us.

-He tries to climb up everything. On our flight home he was trying to climb up the seat back on the airplane and it was the cutest thing ever.

- He has two teeth! He got two bottom front teeth around the 8 month mark. I think I can feel the top one coming in as well. Teething doesn’t seem to bother him a ton but I’m sure it will get worse with the other teeth.

- He had his first Thanksgiving and he visited Santa for the first time.
Our Family Thanksgiving picture 

- He has been on 8 plane rides already and by the time Christmas is over he will have traveled 10 times! On our flight out to VA he got his first pair of flight wings! Those are going in the baby book haha. 

-He can pick up food and put it in his mouth.
We have discovered a food that he doesn’t really like… Bananas. He will still eat them but we can tell he isn’t the biggest fan (like his mom)!

-Eating has become a challenge for us because every time we sit down to eat Adler always wants our food which is sometimes ok but turns into one of us speed eating so the other can eat in peace.

-Adler figured out how to go up the stairs at our church. They are small and low steps which makes it a little easier so when we go home to VA we will have to watch him!

-We are so excited to go back to VA for the holidays. Adler loves playing with his aunts and Grandma and Grandpa. He also met his cousins for the 3rd time (but this time he actually could interact with them) and he loved it!

We love our baby boy and it has been so fun experiencing firsts with him and celebrating the holiday season. We can’t wait for his first christmas! 

Now for pictures!
I love this picture 

I always try to get a laying down picture to see how long he is but I don't know how much longer he will hold still for these.

I'm so glad I do a photo shoot every month! I love the pictures I get.\\\\

Meeting his first Football player

Shopping with the girls 

He likes Lemons 

Kisses from his aunts and cousins with lipstick 

Sleep sitting!

Black Friday Shopping! I love this picture 

I love matching my son

He likes this little Christmas Tree

I love when I turn around and he has followed me into the kitchen 

I love my baby boy!