Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cousin Christmas Party and Weekend in Utah:

We went to Utah for our cousin Christmas party. Every time we go to Utah now we have a list of things to get done and people to see. This weekend was a little more relaxed but we still had a lot to do. 

We stayed with my cousin Megan and her husband Adam. I enjoyed this because she is expecting her first child so we talked all night about pregnancy and babies and I loved it! I miss being pregnant (even though I love having my Adler) and I can’t wait to get pregnant again. 

On Saturday we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch with Dane’s brothers and cousins, hung out and did our christmas gift exchange. We went to Costco afterwards because unfortunately Idaho Falls does not have one (and it kills me!) and I needed more baby wipes. These are by far my favorite wipes because they are big and don’t leave a film behind. 

Next we did a little christmas shopping and headed over to Amy’s house for the party! I love these cousin parties because it reminds me of when we were all younger and just played all night. We ate some pizza, did our gift exchange and then just talked all night. We also sang some christmas songs around the piano. It was a very merry indeed and I can’t wait for our girls trip in January!

Adler and his cousin at BW3's 

So cute!

At Amy's house 

Everyone with their Secret Santa gift!

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