Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Adler is 8 months!

Adler is 8 months (or was on November 28th)! I keep getting so far behind on his monthly posts and I can’t even imagine trying to do this for a little sister or brother while Adler is running around (no not pregnant)! Adler has had a ton of firsts in the 7-8 month stretch and I love that he is growing and I can’t wait for more!

- He is pulling himself up on anything and everything that will support him. He takes a few steps to the sides but hasn’t quite figured out how to walk around the furniture. 

-He started giving kisses when we were home for the holidays and I’m obsessed! Of course they are wet open mouth kisses but I love them!

-He loves Peek-a-boo still and even knows to build suspense himself when he plays with us.

-He tries to climb up everything. On our flight home he was trying to climb up the seat back on the airplane and it was the cutest thing ever.

- He has two teeth! He got two bottom front teeth around the 8 month mark. I think I can feel the top one coming in as well. Teething doesn’t seem to bother him a ton but I’m sure it will get worse with the other teeth.

- He had his first Thanksgiving and he visited Santa for the first time.
Our Family Thanksgiving picture 

- He has been on 8 plane rides already and by the time Christmas is over he will have traveled 10 times! On our flight out to VA he got his first pair of flight wings! Those are going in the baby book haha. 

-He can pick up food and put it in his mouth.
We have discovered a food that he doesn’t really like… Bananas. He will still eat them but we can tell he isn’t the biggest fan (like his mom)!

-Eating has become a challenge for us because every time we sit down to eat Adler always wants our food which is sometimes ok but turns into one of us speed eating so the other can eat in peace.

-Adler figured out how to go up the stairs at our church. They are small and low steps which makes it a little easier so when we go home to VA we will have to watch him!

-We are so excited to go back to VA for the holidays. Adler loves playing with his aunts and Grandma and Grandpa. He also met his cousins for the 3rd time (but this time he actually could interact with them) and he loved it!

We love our baby boy and it has been so fun experiencing firsts with him and celebrating the holiday season. We can’t wait for his first christmas! 

Now for pictures!
I love this picture 

I always try to get a laying down picture to see how long he is but I don't know how much longer he will hold still for these.

I'm so glad I do a photo shoot every month! I love the pictures I get.\\\\

Meeting his first Football player

Shopping with the girls 

He likes Lemons 

Kisses from his aunts and cousins with lipstick 

Sleep sitting!

Black Friday Shopping! I love this picture 

I love matching my son

He likes this little Christmas Tree

I love when I turn around and he has followed me into the kitchen 

I love my baby boy! 

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