Friday, December 26, 2014

Adler's 1st Christmas!!

Adler's 1st Christmas was so much fun! We went home to Virginia to spend it with my family which was so nice especially with my Dad's current situation. We got to bring my Dad home from the rehab center on Christmas Eve, so we were excited to spend Christmas morning at our home. Obviously Adler doesn't really get the concept Christmas yet but he did enjoy playing with wrapping paper and ribbons. He also loved staring at the Christmas lights and surprisingly didn't pull anything off the Christmas tree but that might have been because he couldn't really reach the tree thanks to the abundance of gifts under.
Christmas this year was great and I am so excited for next year when Adler will be more excited for presents and traditions!

I don't have a lot of pictures because we were trying to enjoy the morning but here is what we have:
This was taken on Christmas Eve and I love that little face!

After we got our Christmas PJs! I love this picture

This is by far the best picture we got though!

Christmas Morning

I have seen this a lot of places and I was excited to do this...yes it's on Football paper not really Christmas but very Dane 

Taken at our house before we left for VA!

I love my baby boy!

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