Monday, December 22, 2014

Mommy Style Monday: Bien sweatshirt and hat

Ever since giving birth I have had to rethink many of my wardrobe choices. I still loved my dry-clean only sweaters and heels but those didn’t seem like the greatest option anymore. I wasn’t willing to ruin my nice sweaters and since I was on my feet A LOT I wanted to be more mobile on my feet. Now don’t get me wrong, my nice sweaters and heels still get lots of use but it was time for me to find a comfortable and stylish mommy style. 

When I first gave birth I wore a lot of sweats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. I would always see moms on Instagram looking so stylish and put together. I always thought how could they do that with all the stresses that come with being a first time mom (later I learned don’t judge someone’s life based on what you see on Instagram). I was sick of of wearing sweats all the time and not looking cute so I decided to start putting together outfits that were stylish but still comfortable. I also wanted an outfit that I would wear out on a date night or a night with the girls. I decided to start taking pictures of my outfits so that I would force myself to look cute and it really helped me feel better about myself because we all know our body is a little off when we first give birth.

This might sound obvious to most people but I thought I would be one of those moms that still wore all my nice clothes and wouldn’t have to change my style at all. I was wrong. And even though my outfits are clothes I already had in my closet, knowing I can still look cute and throw my outfit in the wash after a long day is very comforting. 

I love this outfit because it is very simple but I feel like the hat elevates the look. The hat is also perfect for when you don’t have time to shower. The ankle boots are from Old Navy and they are so comfortable and on trend. 

I can also add a red lip to this outfit to make it a little nicer for a date night with the husband or a night out with the girls. 

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