Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nursery sneak peek:

My vision for his nursery is slowly coming together but I don’t have all of the pieces just yet (I’m still waiting on my glider, some artwork). I am very happy with how it is turing out though and I want to share a sneak peak…

I am loving the diaper baskets! His initial is above the baskets and I can't wait to share his name.

This will go in our room and he will sleep here for the first few months.

37 weeks!

38 weeks! It's getting so close!

Don’t worry I will post the finished product! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stroller Comparison

As most moms know, when you find out you are pregnant after the excitement and joy you realize how much stuff you need to buy. Before I got pregnant I pretty much knew what stroller I wanted but I still wanted to do some research and see what was out there. I also reached out to moms and asked how they liked their strollers and if they would recommend them. I decided to make a chart to compare the more recent popular stroller brands’ features, benefits and differences.

Click chart for full size image

**I found all of this information online from their respective websites so I hope it is all accurate and maybe helpful for new moms or moms looking for a new stroller. 

After asking some moms I realized that everyone loved the stroller they had and in the end,  it’s really a personal choice as each brand will fulfill what you are looking for and in your budget.

I ultimately decided to go with the Bugaboo Bee. I wanted a stroller that was quick folding and that I could use for hopefully all of my kids. I love all of the features it has and I like that I have 4 choices of car seats I can get to go along with this stroller. I am also very aesthetically driven and I love the look of this stroller. My baby isn't here yet but I already love it. I did struggle between the Bee and the Cameleon and I went with the Bee because it was more compact and quicker to set up and take down (but the Cameleon really isn’t that difficult. It just has a few extra steps). I am excited to use it with my baby boy and I will post an update about how I feel about it once I have used it. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Last Month of Pregnancy and Bump Pictures

I am 37 weeks today! I have 3 1/2 weeks left and it’s so exciting that we are going to meet our little boy soon! The last month of pregnancy has been great but I am feeling more and more uncomfortable. Despite that,  I feel like I am the kind of person that is going to miss being pregnant. I love it. Here is what’s going on in my last month of pregnancy.

-We found a new OB out in Idaho Falls and I love him! If anyone plans on giving birth in Idaho Falls I have the perfect OB for you. 

-Dane and I are also taking a HypnoBirthing class to help us get ready for delivery. So far I really like the class and I will post more about the class later. 
I have started my weekly OB appointments 

I tested negative for strep B. YAY!

I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. They don’t hurt it’s just a lot of pressure. 

At my 36 week appointment I wasn’t dilated at all. This was kind of a let down even though I have a few weeks left. I don’t think I will get it checked this week unless I have symptoms of labor.

The nursery is pretty much finished! I am still waiting on our crib bumper and then I will post pictures of the nursery!

Baby boy is head down right now! Let’s hope he stays that way!

My stomach gets rock hard for a few minutes and then gets soft again. I have heard that this is your body getting ready for labor!

- We have toured the hospital we are delivering at and we pre registered. The hospital we picked is super nice.

I am staying busy by cleaning, unpacking boxes still and packing the hospital bags!

I am so far behind on posting bump pictures but I thought I would still share them. It’s so funny to look back at pictures where my bump is so small (at least smaller than I am now!).

Bump Pictures: 
24 weeks:

28 weeks:

29 weeks:

30 weeks:

35 weeks:

36 weeks:
(sneak peek at the crib :))

We can’t wait to meet baby boy and we are so ready to be parents!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Baby Shower

My baby shower was amazing! Ever since I found out I was pregnant (and maybe a little before) I have been planning my baby shower on Pinterest and in my head. When we found out the gender I tweaked it a little and I couldn’t wait to have my shower. 

My cousin Sarah approached me and asked me if she could throw me a shower. I agreed and told her I had a few ideas but that she could run with it. I love planning events so it was hard for me to give up design control but Sarah threw me the most amazing shower and it was better than I could have ever imagined! 

I knew I wanted it at La Jolla Groves and I wanted it to be a lunch. 

I love how the flowers turned out!

Who doesn't love animal crackers

All of the guests signed a baby book of their choice and wrote a message to our baby.

Baby Boy and I felt so loved with everyone that showed up and I can’t thank everyone enough for the amazing gifts and time spent with me that day.


Before I got pregnant I have been talking to Dane about taking a BabyMoon. Every time I mentioned this he would look at me like I was crazy. He would tell me that this was something I made up or that it was something only celebrities did. So when my family decided to go to Hawaii for Christmas I thought this would be the perfect trip to deem my BabyMoon. 

Over Christmas was the perfect time because even though I had a bump my stomach wasn’t huge!

Love pina coladas 

Our Christmas Presents

Clam bake at the Mauna Kea hotel

Christmas with Santa

I still crave this Ice cream!

This trip was exactly what I needed and it was the perfect BabyMoon. Here is a music video that my family made on our trip. 

Dane and I recently moved to Idaho Falls so for Valentine’s Day we came back to Utah and stayed in a hotel over the weekend. We always do a getaway for Valentine’s Day and since this will be our last one before we become parents we took full advantage to get away. 

I also counted this as a second BabyMoon. Dane feels great about this logic.

We started with a picnic inside because Idaho is cold and windy

Spent some time shopping!

Had Brunch at the Grand America Hotel which is something everyone should take advantage of!

I love giant kisses and sparkling cider