Monday, March 10, 2014


Before I got pregnant I have been talking to Dane about taking a BabyMoon. Every time I mentioned this he would look at me like I was crazy. He would tell me that this was something I made up or that it was something only celebrities did. So when my family decided to go to Hawaii for Christmas I thought this would be the perfect trip to deem my BabyMoon. 

Over Christmas was the perfect time because even though I had a bump my stomach wasn’t huge!

Love pina coladas 

Our Christmas Presents

Clam bake at the Mauna Kea hotel

Christmas with Santa

I still crave this Ice cream!

This trip was exactly what I needed and it was the perfect BabyMoon. Here is a music video that my family made on our trip. 

Dane and I recently moved to Idaho Falls so for Valentine’s Day we came back to Utah and stayed in a hotel over the weekend. We always do a getaway for Valentine’s Day and since this will be our last one before we become parents we took full advantage to get away. 

I also counted this as a second BabyMoon. Dane feels great about this logic.

We started with a picnic inside because Idaho is cold and windy

Spent some time shopping!

Had Brunch at the Grand America Hotel which is something everyone should take advantage of!

I love giant kisses and sparkling cider

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