Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ettley's 12 months in Pictures:

Ettley is already 1 year old! Time has flown the second time around! When I was pregnant, one of the florists I follow on Instagram was posting these gorgeous flower numbers to document the months of her baby girl. I knew when I had a girl I was going to do the same thing! I am happy with how they are turning out. I have learned a lot about what flowers photograph better but it is getting harder especially now that Ettley is becoming mobile.

Sometimes she is not a fan

Ettley’s Garden Party 1st Birthday:

My baby girl is 1! Of course we had to celebrate and of course the theme had to be garden party with lots of flowers! My mom has the perfect backyard for a party like this so I had to take advantage of it. We had a BBQ and stayed outside pretty much the whole time. I loved all the fresh flowers and the flower wall made the perfect backdrop for her cake smash. We had a great time hanging with friends, enjoying food and watching Ettley enjoy her first taste of cake! We love our growing baby girl! 

I am obsessed with how this flower wall turned out! Next time I want to use real flowers! :) This flower wall is for rent if you want to use it for your next party ;)

Yummy food!

Perfect setting for my garden party!

Beautiful rose smash cake!

All our friends!

Dane and his brother cooking the hamburgers 

Wasn't so sure about the cake...

Until Adler showed her how it's done!

Opening presents!

Ettley is 12 months!!

My little girl is 1! I have another 1 year old! It was the fastest year of my life (besides when Adler turned 1 and I’m sure the first year of my future children). She has grown so much and I love spending each day with her and watching her learn. She is so cute and easygoing and loves her brother. He is still the funniest person to her. She is always happy and although it’s easy to get a smile you have to work for the laughs. She never wants to sit still and loves to climb on everything. Here is what is new with her:
-She had her check up and she weighed 19.3 lbs (22nd percentile) and is 29.25 inches tall (56th percentile). 

-She started free standing and even took her first steps but she didn’t start walking until May 29th, just a few days before turning 13 months old. 

-She can say “ball” and “touchdown” which just brings so much joy to Dane.

-She puckers up for kisses now and it melts my heart.

-She still copies everything we do and it usually has us laughing.

-She blows on everything, especially hot food. 

-Ettley is extremely flexible. We thought it was just because she was a baby but she is still just as flexible. She sometimes falls asleep with her legs spread out and she just lays on her stomach. She can also get her feet all the way up to her head. She has the flexibility I wish I had!

We really love our Ettley and we are so lucky she is part of our family. We are excited to see what the next year brings. Now for cute pictures (some of these are when she is 13 months but I just had to include them all):

In front of our new house!

in her room

Selfie game is strong! Love her smile!!

Reading some books!

Mother's Day 2017

They love Grandma

Look at her hand on her leg!

Viva Vienna 2017!

Walking like a pro!

Moving into our new house...they were only in it for the boxes



Hanging out with Thane, Shelby and Maryn

Bad light but the morning after our first night at the new house

He loves her

Exploring Maryland 

Playing with Opa at the Park

Not a fan of the water...

Playing with Dad's rings!