Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Adler is 7 Months!

Our little boy is growing up so fast! Everyday is a new adventure with him and I love soaking up every moment. We are spending the month of November in Virginia because Dane has a lot of business trips. I am so excited that Adler gets to spend time with his Grandma and Grandpa and 2 of his aunts!

The biggest thing is that Adler is crawling!!! He has been mobile for a while by army crawling but right before we left for Virginia he crawled! I was so glad he did this before we left so that Dane could see the first time. There is something special about seeing him develop and grow for the first time. I love that he can get around by himself now but now I have to watch him way more closely. It might be time to start baby proofing. 

Before he learned to crawl he learned how to get to the sitting position by himself. The first time he did this he was in his crib and I found him sitting after his nap. So cute!

He has tried so many foods and I think he likes them all! He will eat anything! He has tried sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, spinach and his first fruit was apples.

In Virginia Adler started giving high fives! For a few weeks now I would take his hand and show him what a high five was and then one day I just said high five and he totally gave me one! I thought it might have just been luck but he has continued to do it. I love how interactive he is becoming.

He has started reaching for us and I absolutely love it! I always told Dane I can’t wait for him to start reaching for me. It makes me smile.

I don’t know if he has said his first word or if it’s babbling but he is saying “mama” and “baba”. We feel like he knows the word “baba” (bottle) because he usually says it when it’s time to eat and he just repeats it until I make him one.

He loves songs! I have been watching the Big Bang Theory and every time the theme song comes on Adler stops what he is doing and watches the T.V. One time he was a little fussy and as soon as the song came on he stopped fussing and watched the T.V. with big eyes. It was adorable.

Sometimes in the mornings we hang out in bed for a while and I will check my phone and he puts his head on my pillow and just stares at my phone while I am on it. It is the cutest thing ever!
sorry for the dark picture

Adler has become a better napper, which makes me so happy. Now I can get stuff done. Now we need to work on putting himself to sleep at naptime like he does for bedtime!

I have loved every stage of his life and I am trying to savor each one but I am so excited that he is now crawling, sitting, eating food and becoming more interactive. I can’t wait for him to start saying words. Here are some cute pictures. Since I am in Virginia and I don’t travel with my computer (I already have enough stuff to deal with) I don’t have as many pictures but here are some favorites!

Gymboree had Eric Carle pjs and we had to get some!

*Naked baby bath picture next*

I love his eyes!

So cute when he sleeps

First time in a high chair and he loved it because he could see everything. But everything was also in grabbing distance

Playing hide-and-go-seek with mommy! (Ignore the laundry)

Adler loves it when we count to 3 because it normally means we are going to throw him or do something fun. I just love how he freaks out when we are about to say 2. I love this little boy!


  1. What a great post….so fun to see everything he is doing!

  2. I finally got around to watching all of these little videos! They are all adorable! Aiden was watching the hide-and-seek one with me and totally laughing :) It's way cute! When you posted the high five one on IG, Trent and I were both saying how old Adler is looking! They grow too fast!! And Trent used to watch the Big Bang Theory when Aiden was a baby and he reacted the same way..haha.