Monday, June 2, 2014

Adler is 2 Months Old!

Time has flown! He no longer looks like a newborn and I know I’ll  miss his newborn phase but this new phase is so much fun! He is so much more interactive and he is starting to look more like us. 

We had his 2 month appointment today. We measured him (which we haven’t done since he was 2 weeks) he weights 10lbs and 8 ounces (in the 10th percentile) and he is 24 3/4 inches tall (in the 98th percentile). So we have a tall, skinny baby! He takes after his dad. He also got his first round of shots today and it was hard for me to watch. 

Here are somethings about Adler at 2 months:

-He smiles and coos/“talks” at us all the time!! It is so cute but every time we pick up our camera to record it he just stops and stares with big eyes at the camera. Little stinker! We have captured his talking a little on film though and it’s so cute!

-He loves his baths except when he is not in the warm water. He hates being cold.

-He hates it when he gets the hiccups (but who really likes the hiccups). 

-He is in between clothing sizes right now. Newborn clothes are too short but 0-3 month clothing are too wide. We finally switched over to 0-3 month clothing when he turned 2 months and it is sad because he is getting bigger but I am also happy I have more clothing options now. His clothes are a little big but he is still cute!

-He loves to be swaddled and it helps him sleep at night and during the day. For the most part he will give us 5 hours of sleep a night but the last few nights he has been sleeping from 10:30-6am! If he breaks out of his swaddle it wakes him up earlier so we have switched to velcro swaddles instead of just swaddle blankets. I don’t know when we can say he sleeps through the night but I hope this continues. The doctor said he might be giving us 10-12 hours by the time he is 4 months! We are hoping for that!

-He loves standing on my lap and for the most part can hold his head up but sometimes still face plants into our shoulders. 

-He is an amazing baby! He is happy to just lay on the ground and kick. The only time he really cries is when he is fighting going to sleep but it’s rare that it is a full on cry. 

-He loves to be snuggled and held. This puts him right to sleep but for my sake later on I am trying to let him put himself to sleep. This is hard for me because I love snuggling with him and I am trying to take full advantage of it.

-He sucks his fists a lot and it’s so cute! I wonder if he will be a thumb sucker.

-When we change his diaper he likes to push himself away from us and back bend making it difficult to put his diaper on. He smiles every time he does it. 

-His Mamaroo is a lifesaver and everyone should own one! I am going to do a post about my favorite baby things.

-He has been on 4 road trips already to Utah and Dillon, MT. He loves the car and promptly falls asleep and stays asleep for the whole road trip.

-He recognizes his name. When we call his name he searches for us and then smiles.

I love experiencing all of these firsts with Adler. I can’t wait to keep watching him grow and experiencing more firsts with him. He will take his first airplane ride in 3 weeks and I hope he will do great! 

Moms do you recommend traveling with your own stroller and carseat or if I use ones that my mom has in Virginia is that better? 

                                                                       Our Family shoot

Bath time!

His two month photo shoot... I LOVE the smiley ones

At the Farmers Market in Idaho Falls

I love that his feet are crossed 

This picture gets me! I love that Dane reads his stories every night 

Mommy snuggles 

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  1. Oh he is just so cute! I will just keep telling you that..haha. You can tell how skinny the little guy is in the one with his feet crossed :) And I love the picture with Dane reading to him! Can't wait to see you guys!