Thursday, February 9, 2017

Ettley is 8 months:

Ettley is 8 months! She has had a ton of firsts this month and I continue to love watching her grow and learn everyday. She is such a happy baby and loves to explore and try to play with her big brother. Here is what is new with Ettley:

-The biggest thing for us is that her spitting up has finally stopped! She still spits up a little here and there but I am so glad that is over! Adler stopped at 6 months so we were nervous she would spit up until she was 1!

-She is pulling herself up on everything! A few days before turning 9 months she started pulling herself up in her crib. It’s so cute to walk in and see her looking over the side at us.

-She can high five when we ask for it but she is still selective about when she actually wants to do it.

-She dances anytime she hears music. I love her little dance moves. She likes the Parks and Rec theme song.

-She has started spitting with her tongue and clicking it. For a while she was constantly just playing or making noises with her tongue.

-She can clap especially when we say “Yay Ettley!” I love when she claps. She gets so excited.

-She is starting to climb up single steps. My mom has one step that goes up into the kitchen from the family room and she can successfully climb up it. She has tried the actual steps but with no success and I’m ok with that!

-She got her 1st cold. Adler was sick for about 3 weeks with a fever and chills so I’m glad she only got a cold. Except coughs and runny noses are killer with babies. She is a pretty happy sick kid just like her brother.

-She knows what a doggie is. When we say “Where is the doggie” she will search for Maggie (our family dog) and get excited when she finds her.

-We are starting to teach her sign language. We taught Adler the basics and it was very nice. She is slowly picking up on everything.

-I swear I have heard her say “doggie,” “Adler,” and “woof!”

-She has eaten cut up bananas, avocado and grapes and likes them all!

-She can wave and is getting better at actually waving when we say "bye Ettley".

-She likes to put toys half way in her mouth and then crawl around with them hanging out. Adler use to do this. It’s crazy how they do a lot of the same things.

We love Ettley and can’t imagine our family without her. Now for some cute pictures.

She sleeps like this a lot!

It was nap time

First time on the swing

She experienced her first snow!

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