Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ettley is 11 months:

Ettley is 11 months old! I just want time to slow down. She is growing so fast and I just love my blonde haired baby girl. Here is what she has been up to:

-She now says “woof woof” and “moo” more regularly. She says it a lot when she sees pictures of these animals. I love her little animal noises. 

-She says “ow,” “ta da" and occasionally makes her mouth really big and says “wow”!

-She has also started playing peek-a-boo by herself and she has started saying “boo!” She loves peek-a-boo but she isn’t so good at covering her eyes.

-She likes to walk when we are holding her hands but if we let go she immediately sits down.  

-She has started to walk along furniture.

-She now nods her head YES but she still prefers to shake her head no.

-She has started to fake cry and I can’t help but laugh because it’s so cute.

-SHE CLIMBS ON EVERYTHING!!! Adler was not a climber so I’m trying to get use to this. It is very stressful but it’s the only way she can keep up with Adler.

-The only cute climbing she does is when she climbs into my lap which she has been doing a lot lately. Sometimes she will turn around and back into my lap especially if I have a cool toy or book.

-She is starting to hate her carseat. I can’t wait until I can turn her around.

-She dances all the time. She usually spins around on her bum and moves her feet in a little circle. It’s so cute!

-She free stands for a few seconds at a time. She wants to walk so bad!

-Whenever she sees a pillow she lays down on it and snuggles in.

-She sings the “hot dog song” from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It just sounds like “da da dog” but then she holds the one note “daaaaaa" and it’s so cute!

-Sometimes she says “cheese” and shows her teeth when we take pictures.

-She wipes her face when we tell her to. I love her!

We love our Ettley girl! Here are some cute pictures!

Easter 2017

Ettley stealing Adler's eggs!

Trying to see the baby pigs

Visiting some friends in Philly

She LOVES fish and her fishy face is pretty cute!

Family bowling 

Our princess

I love this picture!

Target turned the red balls into Mario and Luigi 

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