Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ettley is 10 months:

Ettley is 10 months! She is learning so fast I can’t believe it! I love watching her discover new things. Here is what Ettley has been up to:
-The biggest thing she is doing is actually saying some words! She says “bye bye,” “ah cho,” “hot,” “shh” and sometimes “car.” I’m shocked with how fast she is saying words but I really love it!

-She also says “baba” when we get her bottle and will keep saying “baba baba” until we give it to her. 

-She blows kisses. This is one of my favorite things little kids do.

-She shakes her head NO and sometimes does it very violently that she falls over haha.

-She is starting to copy us. She will copy our movements a lot and sometimes tries to say the words we say.

-She is starting to point. I always find this helpful before they can talk and walk.

-She blinks her eyes when you ask her where her eyes are and she knows where her tongue is! I think she is sick of me asking her “where are your eyes” where is your tongue?”.   

-She knows that socks go on your feet and bows go in your hair. She always tries to do it herself but can’t do it quiet yet.

-She no longer keeps her bows in her hair which makes me sad. She does try to put it back in when she pulls it out but I’m sad the days of bows are over for now.

-She is starting to be a little more cuddly and I love it!

-She is getting her two top teeth now!

-She fake burps….she learned that from her brother.

-She growls like a bear and sometimes will moo like a cow when you ask her what noises those animals make.

We love our Ettley Kate! Here are some pictures:

over it...

We braved the crowds and went to the Cherry Blossom Festival 

She is my picture buddy because she can't run away yet!

Look at this face!

She loves the swing!

It snowed very late this year but I'm glad Ettley got to experience snow for the first time!

She loves to hug her babies and rock them (that's why the picture is a little blurry)

Another adorable snapchat filter 

Both waiting for dad to get home!

She hasn't fallen asleep on me in so long! She wasn't feeling good and she actually cuddled into me and just fell asleep. I was in heaven!

"Can we have some"?

Big brother helping out!

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