Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What’s In My Hospital Bag- Packing list from an over packer!

This blog post is mostly for my pregnancy brain next time around. When it was time to pack my hospital bag this time around I couldn’t remember at all what I took to the hospital last time and what I actually used. So this time I plan to document it and being the over packer that I am I will write down what I actually used and what I don’t need to pack next time around or what I wished I had. 

 For Me:
1. Nuring pads
2. Flip Flops for shower or walking around hospital
3. Nipple Cream
4. Lounge outfit for me
5. Sweater
6. Nursing Tank
7. Nursing Bra
8. Cute robe
9. Socks (I can't remember if they give you some in the hospital)

In my diaper bag I have chapstick, my insurance card, wipes and my phone charger

For Baby Girl:
1. Just a few diapers (hospital provides some)
2. 1 thick blanket and 2 thin ones
3. Burp Cloth
4. Pacifier
5. Newborn socks
6. Onesies- long sleeve and short sleeve
7. 2 pjs, 2 gowns and 1 actual outfit
8. Hair bows
9. Mittens for hands

I know the hospital provides a lot of stuff for the baby but I thought I would bring my own stuff and see if I use their stuff or the stuff I brought.

We will also be taking a computer and some movies/tv shows.

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