Friday, December 18, 2015


We are so excited to be adding a girl to our family in May! I can’t believe I got my little girl! Dane and I both had a strong feeling this baby would be a girl and we were so excited to find out we were right! Adler still doesn’t quite get what’s going on but he is going to be an amazing big brother.

I had my anatomy scan appointment on December 15th. I was sad that Dane wasn’t able to join me this time. My OB sent me to the hospital to have my scan done and she told me these appointments take 2 hours so I would need to set that much time aside for it. I was confused on why they needed that long but sometimes baby doesn’t always cooperate! :) 

I went back and they had a big screen for me to look at. It’s amazing how they show you all the body parts and the blood flow to certain areas like the heart and through the umbilical cord. The tech asked if I wanted to find out the gender and I asked her if she could just write it down on a piece of paper and stick it in an envelop. She was trying to look at the baby’s face and the baby would not cooperate! She was on her stomach the whole time and the ultrasound tech had me switch positions and would gently push on my stomach to get the baby to move around (now I know why they set aside two hours!). We finally got to see the baby’s profile and she measured and checked everything she needed to. I’m so glad that baby girl is healthy and everything looks great! 

After my appointment I went to Georgetown Cupcakes to drop off my gender envelop for the cupcakes. When we first started having kids I always wanted to use Georgetown cupcakes to reveal the gender but we were living in Utah so when we moved back to Virginia and I got pregnant I knew I wanted Georgetown cupcakes! Unfortunately they needed 24 hours to complete my order so I left and the long process of waiting began.  

I went home and my mom immediately asked me what I was having. She said she couldn’t wait, so she looked at note! I can’t believe her!! I went back and forth between looking and waiting for the cupcakes. It wasn’t as bad as I thought because I had the answer and if I really wanted to, I could look! 

I picked the cupcakes up the next day and then had to wait for everyone to get home from all their activities. Once we were all together we filmed our reaction and each took a bite out of our cupcakes! Everyone started cheering and I knew what that meant! I didn’t bite far enough into mine so I couldn’t see the pink right away but I was so excited!

Adler had no idea what was going on. Everyone started cheering and he looked a little concerned but then when we said he would have a sister he smiled! I wanted to take a picture of Adler eating one of the cupcakes with pink frosting all over his face but he is getting over a fever so he was not having any of it! He didn’t even want to eat the cupcake! 

I of course have already started shopping and we are pretty sure we have a name but we are keeping it a secret for now! Adler is going to be an amazing big brother and we can’t wait to meet baby girl!!

It's a Girl!!

Ok…ok… I must confess. Dane and I could not wait for the cupcakes to come so we peaked on Tuesday night and filmed our reaction! My mom was saying that she was expecting more of a reaction from me when we bit into the cupcakes (she didn’t know we already looked) so I had to tell her that we looked the day before. Apparently I need to work on my surprised face! 

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