Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Adler’s Month of October

If you know my husband you know that Halloween is one of his favorite holidays, so we always try to make the month of October a fun one. You can read what we did last year here. I was excited this year because being back in Virginia meant that I could show Dane and Adler some of the traditions my family had when I was growing up! 

The first thing we did and probably my favorite thing from my childhood was going to Cox’s Farm. We went with Dane’s brother and his family and we had so much fun riding big slides, milking a cow, going on the best hayride I have ever been on, eating delicious food and petting the goats. The smell of cinnamon-toasted almonds and apple cider was all around you and seeing the joy on Adler’s face as he discovered new adventures made this a new family tradition. 

 The next weekend we went on a Halloween Eye Spy train ride. Adler LOVES trains so we knew we had to do this. We each got our own little car and an eye spy paper with pictures we were suppose to find along the ride. Adler didn’t really get the idea of finding the pictures but he loved seeing all the characters and holiday pictures on a ride through the forest. We know he likes something when he sits completely still and just stares at everything. This will probably also become a new tradition for us.

The week of Halloween was very busy! We started with our ward Halloween party. This was a lot of fun and Adler loved seeing all the kids in costumes. We ate at the make-your-own-hot-dog bar and then Adler enjoyed some pumpkin bowling before we headed out for trunk-or-treating. He could kind of say trick-or-treat but he was confused on why he couldn’t eat the candy as soon as he got it!

The Thursday before Halloween we had Under Armour’s party. We dressed up and then went to Dane’s office and walked around to different buildings to go trick-or-treating. Each department decorated their own floor so we got to explore haunted houses and candy lands. His company is huge so a lot of people were there with their kids but a lot of people were still hard at work. After trick-or-treating we went and got some lunch with Dane. 

This was Adler’s second Halloween but I think he is starting to get it more and more! I love when Halloween is on Saturday because then we get to spend all day with Dane. We watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and carved our pumpkins. Adler liked using the tools to scoop out the pumpkin guts but he did not want to touch it at all. Dane carved Adler a Mickey pumpkin and all Adler wanted to do was look at his pumpkin and show everyone Mickey. That night we got ready to go trick-or-treating but before we took some family pictures. Adler is starting to cooperate with family pictures but we still have to be on top of it and snap the pictures quickly! We decided to just do our neighborhood and we just did one street. We would ring the doorbell and we would tell him to say trick-or-treat. After a while he was more interested in if the people had dogs. They would open the door and he would just bark. It was adorable. People said he was the cutest owl ever even though half of the people thought he was a girl. We had a great Halloween and I can’t wait until next year when he is even older! After we put Adler to bed we watch Nightmare Before Christmas. 

We had a great month of October and now I am super excited for the upcoming months with Adler and my growing belly.

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