Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2nd Pregnancy So Far:

I have been trying to be just as good about documenting this pregnancy as I was with my first (although I still wish I had documented that one even better). I have been keeping notes on my phone about each week of pregnancy because I have already wanted to look back on my first pregnancy to find out things like when did I really start showing and when did I use pillows to sleep with at night. I haven’t been too good at taking pictures. The first pregnancy I documented the big weeks, 9,12,16,19/20 etc. even if I wasn’t showing. This time I have both wanted the bump to show up and not at the same time (I’m currently 18 weeks and 4 days and the bump has finally appeared around 17 weeks).  

9 Weeks:
Had my first appointment. I got to see our baby on the ultrasound. I love the first one even though the baby just looks like a little bean because the pregnancy becomes a reality and seeing the little flickering heartbeat is so comforting.

I am nauseous all day long! I haven’t thrown so that is nice. I get about 10-20 minutes between eating where I feel better. I am exhausted. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I am chasing Adler around and can’t nap whenever. I need to eat every two hours and unlike last time I need to eat really slow. I forgot how annoying it is to have to use the bathroom all the time. This pregnancy feels different than the first time around and my hormones are out of control but I still am so happy for the little baby inside me.

Pizza, fruit, slurpees, carrots, french fries and sushi. The sushi is an unfortunate craving because I have to limit my intake. It kind of stinks to crave something I can’t eat. 

12 Weeks:
We had our next appointment at 11 weeks. I got to see our baby again and she zoomed in this time and it was so cute to see it starting to look like a baby! I am measuring on schedule and I had all my tests done at this appointment. 

I’m slowing starting to feel better and less nauseous. I’m not showing yet which surprises me a little because people always say you show faster with the second one. We announced to our family that we are pregnant which always so fun to do! I feel like I felt the baby kick at 11 weeks but I am not sure. 

15 Weeks:
We had our appointment at 14 weeks and 5 days. I got to see our baby again!!!! I LOVE THIS OB!! I’m not sure why I get an ultrasound every visit but I love it and I’m not complaining. This time the baby was facing us so I saw his/her face and we woke him/her up and saw him/her stretch. It was seriously the cutest thing ever! Everything is looking great!

I am for sure feeling the baby kick at 14 weeks. I forgot how much I love the feeling of baby kicks and I look forward to them. 

17 Weeks:
I am starting to show at 17 weeks and 2 days. The bump still fluctuates in size depending on how much I have eaten but there is defiantly a little bump showing. I am also still in my normal clothes which makes me happy. I feel like my bump is higher up than last time because things that sit higher on my waist are tight where as the stuff that sits on hips fits just fine still. My tops still fit except my clothing is starting to get tight in the chest area which defiantly didn’t happen last time (TMI??). I ordered a body pillow because I never got one the first time around. I am using Dane’s sweatshirts right now but I am looking forward to my pillow! 

My cravings have been the same this whole time but they have kind of subsided a little.

18 Weeks:
I am still in my normal clothes. As of now I really like my body pillow. We will see if I like it when I get bigger. My lower back is starting to hurt if I sit for too long. I am DYING to know the gender!

My next appointment is December 9th. I might try to get my doctor to just take a peek between the legs and let me know what we are having! I have a way I want to find out the gender with Dane but I can work on my surprised face and Dane will never know! We find out the gender at our anatomy scan appointment on the 15th! I can’t wait!!!!!!! 

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