Sunday, March 20, 2016

Adler- 19- 23 months!!

I will have a two year old in a week and a half! These last two years have flown by but I have loved every second of it, even when Adler tests my patience as a mom. He is so smart and I love watching him learn and discover new things. His little personality is coming through more everyday! 

I have loved keeping track of Adler’s new developments and milestones month by month because it’s fun to look back and see all of the things he is learning. I need to fill out his baby book before baby number 2 comes!

19 months:
  • He is starting to put small sentences together like “take a bath.” He has the cutest voice!
  • Really good at the “k” sound so his clearest words are book, park, and walk. 
  • His favorite books right now are Go Dog Go and We’re going on a Bear Hunt
  • His favorite T.V. show is Paw Patrol. It’s so cute to hear him say all the dog’s names and he calls the show “paw paw.”
  • He is really good about throwing trash away in the trash can. We are keeping a close eye to make sure it’s just trash!
  • He is a little cleaner (thanks Grandma). Whenever he spills he goes and get a cloth and cleans it up.
  • His favorite songs right now are Itsy bitsy Spider, 5 Little Monkeys, Ball for Baby and the Bee Song

20 months:
  • Started saying mm-hmm when we ask him questions.
  • His words are getting a lot clearer. He is really good at saying words that end in “t.”
  • He says “that” and points to something he wants. 
  • Really good at repeating words after us and they are really clear for the most part.
  • Can sing/repeat the alphabet after we say the letters first.
  • He “read” his first book. It was a book about a turkey who put all his clothes on the wrong part of his body (sock on nose, hat on foot, ect.) after he does this the book says “oops!” Adler would kind of read in his own way until the oops part and then he would clearly say “oops.” Haha it was so cute!
  • He melts my heart :)

21 months:
  • He has started saying the family prayer (repeating after Dane)  “Jesus” and “Amen” are the clearest and cutest part.
  • Starting to recognize letters. He pointed out a giant metal A in Anthropology with no prompting  from me!

22 months:
  • The biggest thing is that he knows his ABC’s. He still struggles with a few but he is pretty good at recognizing and pointing out letters everywhere. 
  • He also knows all his shapes besides hard ones like octagon.
  • He knows his colors! 
  • Putting more sentences together like “mm that’s good” and “Maggie! Get it”.
  • Loves to see everything we are doing. He will say “I see”.
  • He isn’t the biggest fan of laying in the tub to wash his hair so when we get him to lay down and he lets us wash his hair he sits up and says “I did it!” He also said this one day after he was a little constipated. I was encouraging him and saying you can do it and when he finally got it out he said “Yes, I did it!” and did a fist pump. I laughed for a good 5 minutes and Adler thought he was the funniest kid ever (which I think he is).
  • He points out circles, A’s and O’s everywhere we go. Those are his favorite!
  • Favorite phrases: “I hold it, I did it, excuse me” (mostly after fake burps).
  • Says “Thank you” when you give him something and a lot of the time it’s unprompted. He is one polite boy!
  • If he wants something and the person he is asking says “no” he will move on to the next person hoping for a “yes.” It’s super funny but not so good he figured that one out young.
  • My favorite thing is when he wants us to hold him he says “hold you” and I love it!!
  • Knows when there is two of something.
This video was a little prompted but I didn't know if I could ever get this naturally on camera and it's still adorable!

Adler identifying his ABC's! He also started separating  the letters by color!!

23 months:
  • Getting even better with letters, shapes and colors.
  • He is starting to get numbers. His favorite is two but we are still working on how to hold up two fingers.
  • He has a great memory. I thought he was too young to remember when I say you can have that when dad gets home or after lunch but he always remembers! I have to be careful what I promise. 
  • He is a fast learner and picks up on things really quickly. Sometimes he picks up on things I say in passing and I have no idea he even heard me say that.
  • He said his first prayer by himself. It was a lot of names and things we couldn’t understand but he ended with “Jesus, amen” and it was adorable. 
  • We took away his binky. He used it when he slept and when he was sad. People have always said that getting rid of the binky is the hardest thing ever, but we got lucky. Taking away his binky has been the easiest thing ever. I think I was more attached to it than he was.
  • He is becoming more attached to his blanket!
  • He wants to walk everywhere. He’s not the biggest fan of the stroller anymore.

One of his favorite things to watch right now is also Disney Sing-A-Long Songs- Disneyland fun. I watched this growing up so I love that he loves it!

One of my favorite pictures!

Playing video games with Daddy!

His first selfie all by himself!

He loves ice cream!

He had a fever in this picture but he was still smiling for the camera. He is the happiest sick boy which always throws me off!

At his 1st birthday party for his friend Callie!

Getting ready for the primary easter egg hunt!

I have loved this year of Adler’s life and I am so excited to see him be a brother. I think he is going to be an amazing big brother but I will for sure miss my alone time with him. He keeps me on my toes and laughing all day long. He is the sweetest, happiest boy. Now only if could be more snuggly. I love my Adler John. 

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