Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Favorite Diaper Bag: Fawn Design

When I was first pregnant and started the process of picking out the perfect baby accessories, I knew exactly what kind of diaper bag I wanted. But there was one problem– the idea in my head on what I wanted didn’t exist. So I satisfied my diaper bag needs with a couple different ones (but also I really like bags so I couldn’t help but buy multiple). Once Adler was born, I kind of gave up hope on finding the perfect diaper bag and I was pretty happy with the bags I had found.

When Adler turned 9 months I finally found the PERFECT diaper bag. It had everything I was looking for: a backpack, a classic look, pockets to organize stuff on the inside and outside and enough space to fulfill my overpacking needs. I couldn’t believe I found one but the only problem was it wasn’t available until March. I stumbled upon it on Kickstarter one day and after learning about the company and looking at her amazing bags I knew I had to fund her project so that I could own my perfect diaper bag. 

I counted down the days until it would arrive and when it finally did I was so happy! Since Adler was now one I was even more anxious to find a bag that I could use as a diaper bag that gave me a lot of room but didn’t really scream “diaper”. 

This diaper bag is great because it can be used as a backpack (my favorite feature!) or you can use the shoulder strap which has proved very helpful when I’m in a hurry and my hands are too full to swing the backpack straps on each shoulder. 

One of my other requirements was that my bag needed tons of pockets. Especially ones on the outside for bottles. Now I use one for a sippy cup and one for a bottle in case we are out and can’t get home in time.

The bag has plenty of storage compartments which is a mother’s best friend because who has time to dig for the pacifier when your baby is tired and crying. It has 5 internal pockets which I have filled with his pacifier, tissues, some teething tablets (just in case) and many other things. 

Being a new mom is an adventure. I am always trying to plan as much as I can but those plans always change with a baby. I’m so happy that I was able to find a bag to keep up with my adventures. It’s durable for the unexpected, ultra functional which is important for moms, easy to clean when things get messy, and has tons of space that I fill with fun things for when things get a little too boring for Adler. And it looks great. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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