Saturday, June 27, 2015

Adler 13-15 Months!

I have decided to continue writing a monthly post for Adler but instead of one a month I will combine a few months. Hopefully they won’t be as long but I want to remember all his milestones. I hope I can keep this up and do it for my other children but we will see. I also heard a great idea of turning all these blog posts into a book for Adler when he is older or for myself. 

13 months:
-The biggest thing Adler is doing is walking!!!! He has been taking steps since he was 11 months but on April 27th he started walking! 
-Loves the water and when we were in Mexico my aunt taught him the basics of swimming like holding his breath and we can pass him back and forth between two people under water. 
-He smells flowers and it is so cute!

14 months:
-He folds his arms when we tell him it’s time for prayer
-He tries to snap and it’s the cutest thing!
-He can say grandma (ga-ma), ba (ball), Ba (bath), and car
- He gives hugs and I love it!

15 months:
-He know what a lion says, a shark (chomp while clapping his hands together), a snake (sticking his tongue in and out), a monkey, a sheep, a gorilla (bangs on his chest) and Darth Vader (thanks to his Opa!) We always joke that he still doesn’t know what a dog or cat says and those always seem to be the easiest.

-Whenever he hears a plane in the sky he looks up and tries to find it.
-He can find his nose, eyes, hair, teeth, tongue, chin and sometimes his ears. He can also find them on other people sometimes.

-I don’t know when kids get good at throwing balls but I feel like Adler has a good arm!
-For the most part he can identify my family in pictures even Grandpa.

-When he plays with cars (which he loves!) he totally makes sound effects. This makes Dane happy!
-He is working on saying everyone's name in my family. He can say Mda (Amanda) and Bri (Brittany) we are just working on Courtney and Melissa!

-These last two are my favorite and I need to get videos to truly show how awesome it is! 
1. If you have seen the movie Big Hero 6 you know that when Baymax does “pound it blow it up” he goes balalalala well when you tell Adler to “pound it” although he doesn’t make a fist (working on that) he totally makes the balalala sound with his tongue. I die every time he does it!
2. One time Courtney looked at Adler and pointed her fingers at him and clicked her tongue (click click) Adler looked back at her and copied her! We laughed so hard! He can’t stick his thumb up with his pointer finger but it is adorable!

Adler is growing so fast and I love watching his little personality come out! 
Look at this face!

I had to get us matching shoes :)

Playing in the kids pool

We got this cool Eagle balloon at a carnival and I wanted to take a picture of Adler with it but that was harder to do than I thought...I love his face in this picture.

Giving the eagle kisses 

I love his outfit here!

This was my Mother's day picture 

Love his dino pjs

I am so happy with this purchase! It was his birthday present and he loves it!

I love that face!

This is my favorite picture right now! Hugs are my favorite! 

Sitting in mommy's old chair
Watching the rain

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