Friday, December 13, 2013

Baby Bump Pictures

I took bump pictures for every week I had an appointment. I took a picture at 9 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks and then one at 19.5 weeks when my bump was a little more visible. 

9 weeks:
Appointment: We had our first appointment at 8 weeks. It was so hard to wait this long to confirm we were pregnant. At our appointment we got to see our baby. It looked liked a little circle with a little flickering or light. The doctor told us that was the baby’s heart. It was so cool!
Size of Baby: Green olive
Lifestyle: I love being pregnant! I have been a little nauseous but nothing unbearable. I am not use to eating so often. I need to eat about every 2-3 hours. If I don’t I start to feel sick but then once I eat I am totally fine. It is also hard to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Luckily I fall right back asleep.

12 weeks:
Appointment: We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat today. It was such a cool thing to hear and it was so fast. Our baby’s heartbeat was 165. It is interesting how fast these appointments are but I guess that is a good thing because that means that everything looks good with the baby.
Size of Baby: Plum
Lifestyle: Get to announce to everyone we are pregnant! Yay!

16 weeks:
Appointment: We got to hear the heartbeat again and we asked for an ultrasound. They weren’t planning on doing one for us because they were planning on doing one for our next appointment, which would be 20 weeks, but they gladly gave us one. We hadn’t seen our baby since our 8-week appointment and I was dying to see it. It was such an amazing thing to see our baby. The baby was moving like crazy although I still couldn’t feel it move yet. We didn’t want to know the gender yet because we had heard stories about people finding out early and sometimes it wasn’t always right so we decided to wait until our 20-week appointment. It was the longest 4 weeks of my life. I am so glad we got to see our baby.
Size of baby: Avocado
Lifestyle: I have discovered that my prenatal vitamins are what’s causing me to throw up. I am looking for another kind to take so I can stop throwing up. Waiting to find out the gender at our 20-week appointment is torcher. I have to sleep with two pillows in bed. One in between my legs and one behind my back I need to get a body pillow.

At 18 weeks I felt the baby move for first time! It was like a flipping sensation and probably one of the coolest things I have felt.

My cravings have pretty much been coleslaw and Olive Garden salad. Occasionally I crave macaroni and cheese and pizza!

I haven’t had my appointment yet but I am finally starting to show!
Lifestyle: My lower back is starting to hurt when I sit for too long. Good thing Dane is willing to give me massages! I can't zip up my pants anymore so I have started wearing a belly band! No maternity clothes yet. 

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  1. When I was pregnant with George about half way through I realized that if I took my pre-natals at night before bed I wouldn't get sick (or at least I wouldn't be awake for it if I did feel sick). I hope that the new ones aren't making you ill!