Thursday, June 27, 2013

Princess Festival

I have always loved Disney. About 5 years ago I decided I really wanted to go try out to be a Disney Princess at Disneyland. But life got in the way in a good way and I found my own Prince Charming. After getting married I had set up a plan to go try out this summer to be a princess. Unfortunately Disneyland wasn’t/isn’t having any auditions this summer.

This was a very long introduction to this post but I thought some back-story would be good. I attended the Princess Festival at Thanksgiving Point on Tuesday and I really enjoyed it. I decided to dress like a princess because what better time to dress up like a princess then to a princess festival. One of my favorite princesses is Belle and so Dane had our cousin, Sarah, make me a Bell dress for Valentine’s Day last year. It is a LEGIT dress.

I was very excited to show off my beautiful dress and hang out with my cousin Sarah, her daughter Emme, and some friends from the ward. As soon as I walked in a little girl came up to me and asked if she could take a picture with Belle. I couldn’t say no and I was a little excited that she wanted a picture with me.

After walking around with my group for a little bit I started getting more and more girls coming up to me and asking for my autograph and to take pictures with me. I couldn’t stand still for more than 5 minutes without a line forming in front of me.  Part of me was so happy this was happening because it’s exactly what I wanted to do at Disneyland but the other part felt guilty because I wasn’t one of their princesses. They had their own Disney Princesses but their costumes were altered due to copyright issues. I decided when I signed the kids books I would sign something other than Belle because I wasn’t their Belle.  It made me happy to see a smile on the kid’s faces when they saw “Belle” and I really wish I could have done this at Disneyland.

It was fun to walk around with Sarah and Emme and our other friends and do the little adventures they had for the kids. We helped Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum get along, we found pirates in a cave and we completed a princess puzzle. After all of these adventures we got to celebrate with snow cones. All of the kids were dressed up and you could tell that Emme had a lot of fun.

I had a great time at this festival and I would recommend it to any parent with kids and who wants to feel like a princess again. 

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  1. You are gorgeous! That dress is perfect and I am so jealous! Can I get your autograph, too? =)