Tuesday, December 13, 2016


We love the month of October in our house. It was especially fun this year because it was Ettley’s 1st halloween and Adler actually got the concept of trick-or-treating. I asked Adler what he wanted to be for Halloween and he told me “Buzz Lightyear!” So of course we had to go with a Toy Story theme. Dane was Woody, I was Bo Peep, Adler was Buzz Lightyear and Ettley was my sheep. I was really happy we did this theme this year because for my first Halloween I was a sheep so I was happy Ettley was a sheep as well. I couldn’t just pick one costume for Ettley so this year she had a total of 4 costumes. It was probably overkill but she is so cute I couldn’t help myself. Anyone that knows me knows I love Disney so I had to get Ettley her first princess dress and we deiced to go with my favorite, Belle. My sister-in-law made Ettley the cutest Minnie mouse outfit and my mother-in-law bought her this cute witch tutu outfit. I loved all of her costumes. 

We went to Cox’s farm twice this year. Adler loved the hay ride and the giant slides. We also took the pumpkin patch picture here. 

Trying to get a picture of both of them can be very difficult sometimes! 

I bought his Buzz Lightyear costume and I thought for sure he would wear it all over the house. But when we tried it on him he was not having it, telling us it wasn’t Halloween yet so he couldn’t put on his costume. 

We had our ward trunk-or-treat. This was Adler’s first experience getting lots of candy just handed to him and he was in heaven. Our trunk was inspired by the show Stranger Things

She is always looking up at Adler!

We then went trick-or-treating at Under Armour with Dane a few days later. Adler loved getting even more candy and wanted to keep going around and around. They had this cool backdrop we could take pictures in front of which is good because I didn’t do a good job taking pictures at this party. 

Adler was so excited that Halloween hadn’t happened yet and he already had so much candy! Anytime he saw someone ring a doorbell he would say “Mom! they are trick-or-treating it’s time to go!” When it was finally Halloween Ettley and I stayed behind to hand out candy which made me sad because Adler was so anxious and excited to go. When he came home he was so excited to dump out his candy and look through what he got. Some friends stopped by with their kids and we talked for a bit but Adler was just so excited to eat his candy. We finally let him have two pieces before bed.

I was trying to get him to pose behind his candy...this was the result and it's so funny!

It was so much fun to watch Adler get super excited for Halloween. He actually understood what was happening so it made it that much more exciting. He loved watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Paw Patrol Halloween. He made it an eventful and magical month. The only problem is that he is still playing trick-or-treat and it’s December!! He doesn’t quite get why people won’t give him candy if he rings their doorbell. He always makes us laugh. Hopefully he will find Christmas just as fun!

Adler asked for a Halloween party so I quickly threw together something and we invited a few friends!

Adler playing trick-or-treat with GG in November.. GG was nice to play along

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