Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ettley is 5 months:

Ettley is 5 months and we can’t believe it! Here is what she is up to:

-She has started to eat more food at about 5 1/2 months. We continued with pears and she loves them. We have also given her sweet potatoes and she likes those as well. So far she will pretty much eat anything. Let’s hope that keeps up!

she loves her food 
-She is still sleeping in her bassinet. She lasted longer in here than Adler did because she isn’t as long as Adler was. We have also run into the problem of only have 1 crib and not transitioning Adler to a big bed yet. I need to do this but I am just putting it off…

-She loves peek a boo and now will pull my hands away from my eyes.

-She has started to hold her bottle which is one of my favorite milestones :)

-She is a super light sleeper. She is good about putting herself back to sleep. We are trying to get her accustom to noises while she sleeps. She is a little better at night but we have learned to just let her put herself back to sleep. 

-She touches our faces when she drinks her bottles and we are holding her just like Adler did.

-On October 25th she started sitting up! She still leans over sometimes but she is getting better each day!

-She has started to realize when we leave a room and she’s not too happy about it!

-She has been saying mama a lot but I don’t think she realizes what she is saying yet…

We love our baby girl and she is getting to such a fun age! We are excited to experience more 1st with her especially since the holidays are approaching! Here are some cute pictures of her!

Ettley 1-5 months

These are my favorite pictures to take of Ettley...I think I have 20 or more already

Sometimes her cheeks just look so cute I need to take a picture of them!

Her minnie shirt from Disney World 

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