Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Adler is 2!

I have a two year old and life couldn’t be more fun/crazy! He is the sweetest big brother and he surprises me everyday with all he is learning. He is still very curious and loves to be outside playing with bubbles, daddy’s “airplane” (drone), hitting a baseball and now that it’s summer, swimming!

We took him for his two year appointment and he is still tall and skinny. He weighed 25 lbs and 2 ounces (14th percentile) and he is 35 inches tall (64th percentile and too short to ride any of the big kid rides at Disney World). He also still really hates the doctor and we are trying to work on this…I don’t even want to know how he will react at the dentist. 

  • Adler is getting really good at counting although 10 is still a tricky one as he goes from 9 to 11, 12, ect. 
  • F’s are a hard for him… usually if he’s saying something we can’t understand we put an F in front of it and we can figure out what he’s saying.
  • He is starting to learn opposites. Open and closed are his favorite.
  • He is very perceptive. He is good at figuring things out after watching us do it just one time.
  • He still remembers things really well. We went to the girls chorus concert and Courtney sang the song “I’m going to wash that man right out of my hair” my mom started singing that song the next day and Adler said “Grandma Courtney sing that song.” My cousins were also in town to watch Brittany perform in Chicago and some of the cousins made up a dance to “Work from Home.” Every time Adler hears that song he says “Mom! Cameron, Paige, work work!” He makes me laugh so much!
  • I also recently told him the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears he wanted me to tell him again and when I did he remembered parts of the story already. 
  • He speaks in full sentences sometimes and every time he does it takes me by surprise. My little smarty pants.
  • We listen to the radio a lot in the car and when Adler hears a song he likes he will say “Mom, this song!” I don’t know if it’s a bad thing that we listen to the radio but he definitely likes music a lot.   
  • Speaking of music, he reacts strongly to music in movies. Whenever there is intense or scary music he starts to whimper and says “Mom no! Turn it off!” When the music is sad or touching like the scene in Inside out where Joy realizes we need sadness he just stares at the T.V. and is captivated by it. 
  • We will sometimes go to the mall and eat lunch at 5 Guys and every time we go to the mall Adler says “Mom eat at the mall,” even when we are going there for other reasons. He is very observant and maybe he will like routine like I do. 
  • Some of the conversations we have crack me up!
  • Whenever we take videos of Adler he immediately says “Adler see, Adler see!” His favorite thing to do is watch videos on our phones.
I love watching Adler grow. He is an amazing big brother and even though he likes to do the opposite of what I tell him to do he is a sweet little boy and I’m so glad he is my little munchkin. Now for some super cute pictures and videos!!

At least he his putting his seat belt on

Train ride at the mall!

Waiting for Dad to play video games (one of the last pictures with his binky before we took it away)

Story time at Jcrew! 

1st picture with both my kids!

We love little friends 

Like father like son

Bath toys are cool

His new hair cut!

My first flower

The taste of summer

I told Adler that Ettley needed to drink some milk...so he brought me some! haha (not the greatest pic)

I love this picture! He asks to hold her and I love it!

We love our walks

and the Target dog

This is his fake laugh...I love it!

When you asked Adler how old he was when he was 1 this is how he would respond...Good thing he is 2 now!! (he was one when we took this video even though at the end he says he's two)

He loves playing ball with Dad

His fake laugh haha

He has got some killer dance moves!

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