Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Adler’s 1st Birthday!

I was so excited for Adler to turn 1! People kept saying he won’t remember it and it’s not worth doing a big party but it was important to me to have an amazing 1st birthday. It’s a big milestone for him, for us as parents and everyone knows I like a good party! 

I started planning about 3 months in advance and I’m glad I did because I went through about 4 themes before I settled on my “How to Catch a Star” theme. It’s based a book that Adler loves to read and I thought this would make the perfect theme for his party. I love it when I pick a theme and the decoration ideas just come to life. I also picked this theme because I love the night sky when it is filled with stars. To me I feel like stars inspire curiosity and exploration, and Adler is the most curious boy ever.  

His party was in Utah so our sisters, cousins and friends in Utah could all attend. The turn out we had for his party was amazing! We felt so loved and were glad everyone could celebrate this special day with us. 

Dane hand painted this backdrop for me and it turned out perfect!

I love the effect these stars added to the backdrop

The whole set up! Of course we had to have Chick-fil-a for lunch

This cake was AMAZING and it was really good! (cake from Whole Foods)

We did a quick mini photo shoot before the guests showed up! My cousin Christina took pictures of the party with a little help from Amanda and they both did an amazing job!

Star cookies for the guests to decorate 

Here is the book the party was based on and the party favors were bows and bow ties!

Then it was cake time! He wasn't to happy to be in a high chair...

until we put the cake in front of him!

He didn't dig into it like I thought he would. I think I have taught him to be too clean :) 

He would get little pieces and frosting in his hand and just sit there and lick it off.

I really like this picture

And this one...

I was trying to help him actually eat cake and not just frosting

Dane showed him what to do...

But he just thought it was funny and started feeding Dane

He rubbed his face and got frosting everywhere 

My two boys :)

We are so grateful that Adler is in our lives. He brings so much joy and happiness and I love watching him grow. His curiosity continues to amaze me and make me re-love the simple things in life. He makes us laugh everyday and he really is the perfect little boy.   

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  1. Adler is adorable! What a great party. Jessica is getting ready to do Janie's.