Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Adler is 12 months!

This post is VERY late but we have been crazy busy these past few weeks (post on that coming soon)! 

Our little boy is 1! Can you believe it, because I can’t! He is the sweetest and smartest little 1 year old and I am so grateful that I am his mommy. His birthday party was a success and you can read about it here. Here is what Adler has been up to lately.  

-We had his 1 year old check up before we left Idaho which makes me happy that we fit that in. He is 31 inches tall (85th percentile) and weighs 19 lbs. 1 oz. (14th percentile). He got two shots in each leg which I hate watching him get. :(

-He still isn’t walking which I was kind of grateful for during our move but he still takes more and more steps each day and loves pushing his shopping cart around grandma’s house.

-If I hand him a brush/comb he knows that he suppose to brush his hair and it is super adorable. He’s not very good at it but I just think it’s cute he knows what to do with a brush.

-We tried to teach Adler sign language when he was younger but we weren’t good at being consistent so we gave up. At about 11 1/2 months we tried again teaching him “please” and “more”. We showed him for about 15 minutes and to our surprise he picked it up really quick! Sometimes his please is across his belly but he gets the idea and it’s so cute. Now we can say “What do you say?” or “Say please” and he will always sign it. “More” is a little more difficult but he does that one a lot as well.

-He knows where his toes and his tongue is. He can find our noses and sometimes his own. We are working on eyes and ears now. 

-He still climbs on and up everything he can. I’m nervous for him to start walking because then I feel like he will climb on even more!

-He loves to shake his head “no”. Sometimes we think he means yes, but he hasn’t mastered how to nod his head up and down.

-When we give him a phone or tell him to say hello he holds the phone up to his ear and it’s darling. He will do it with pretty much anything but he does it mostly with phones.

-About a month ago he figured out how to turn around and go downstairs. This is so great because my parents house has a lot of stairs. He can also do it himself so if we aren’t there to tell him to turn around he will get to the stairs and turn around on his own before going down. I’m still nervous to let him go downstairs alone (usually I am behind him) but it makes me feel good that he knows to turn around.

-He blows kisses and my favorite part is that sometimes he make the kissing noise. I love it!

This year has been amazing and we have learned a lot and loved a lot! We have had tears and laughter. We think Adler is the perfect little boy. I always tell Dane that there is no way we can be that lucky and have another child as good as Adler. We are so looking forward to all the adventures Adler’s next year will bring!

Here are some super cute pictures:
Loves stuffed animals like his mommy

I love when he does touchdown!

Our Easter outfits 

I love his overalls

Putting gel in his hair for his party because I was scared to cut it

I love his birthday pictures

Scrunchy nose smile

Snuggle time

He loves books

Whenever there is any music or videos on my phone he comes over and takes it

Walking Maggie

We have some beggars on our hands 

Our first family picture in Virginia 

Dane and Adler matched at church...It was Adler's nap time

Using a fork...This is really for his 13 month post but he's so cute!

I need to be better at taking more pictures and videos of everything so hopefully next post I'll have more videos and pictures. 

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  1. What a darling post! I am so glad that you are in Virginia now : )