Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gender Reveal

I have another cousin that is expecting (I love it when my cousins are pregnant) and she wanted to do a gender reveal party for her baby. These parties are super fun to plan and I was more than happy to help her plan her party. 

 Amy loves shoes so I knew I had to decorate with cute boy and girl shoes. I also love baby clothes so I thought it would be cute to display a boy outfit and a girl outfit.

These parties are a great way to include men at a shower since the expecting dad will be there. 
Amy wanted to include all the guests. So we set up a way for everyone to wear their vote on by pinning a mustache or bow on their person. They were a perfect touch everyone enjoyed wearing their vote proudly (I picked boy :))!

Mom and Dad wearing their votes!

Her reveal was hidden inside a few donuts. (one of her pregnancy cravings). Her, her husband and her mom all took bites from their donuts and as her guests watched with eager anticipation for what color the cream would be and help everyone discover the gender at the same time.

We were dying to find out the gender and it was finally time!

It’s a………

Here is a video of the reveal! My cousin was in total shock (she was convinced it was a girl)!

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