Monday, March 16, 2015

Adler is 11 Months!

The countdown to Adler’s birthday is two weeks! I can’t even believe it! Dane and I were talking the other day and we both decided we love this age because his little personality just keeps getting cuter and we love how interactive he is!

-He took his first steps! It was very exciting! He is also free standing now in the middle of rooms. He would hold on to stuff and let go before or stand when we put him up but now he will get himself to the standing position on his own in the middle of the room. I am torn if I want him to start walking. He is so curious that I know he will be non-stop and he will always want to get down but I think it will be so cute to see him walk.

-He started clapping a month ago and we can’t get enough of it. Whenever we say “yay Adler” he just claps away!

-He also throws his hands above his head and does touchdown when we say “Touchdown!” It makes me laugh every time. I need to try and get a picture of it.

-He is getting 4 more teeth up top. They have just been sitting there so I have no idea when they will make an appearance.

-He is climbing on everything! We have a love sac and a little ottoman and I always find him on them. Now he just needs to figure out how to get down without falling off them.

-Adler has started to get more clingy. Part of me loves this but it is hard to get stuff done when he is like this because he always wants to be picked up. I just can’t resist that cute face. 

-He has this little basketball hoop we got from Dane’s cousins and he can put the basketball in the hoop. He gets so excited every time he does it and so do we. The hoop also cheers and plays music so every time he makes it he also dances. I need to get a video of that!

We love our little boy so much he has grown up a ton and I love watching him learn new things. He has already done some super cute and amazing things that I can’t wait to share in the 12 month post. 

I was not very good at taking pictures and videos this month but I will share what I have. I have a ton of things that he does that I need to take pictures of and video. 

He loves his daddy!

Look at that cute face

Family Picture!

He loves avocados but they are hard to pick up! This was obviously Dane feeding him (I am still working on being ok with him getting messy! I'm in trouble when he is older).

Our Valentine's photo shoot!

I am IN LOVE with this rocker!

We drove down to Utah for Amanda's mission call! She is going to Brazil!

He likes playing in his crib!

And with kitchen supplies....

Look at those eyelashes! I love my snuggle bug!

This is a new smile Adler is doing when he scrunches his nose! I LOVE it and hope to get a better picture!

Adler's 11 month photo shoot! I don't have 11 peg buddies so I had to get creative :)

My favorite picture of his face!

Adler and I at Young Women's

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  1. I love seeing his personality in these photos!