Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Years Eve! 2014

Adler celebrated his 1st New Years Eve! He obviously didn’t stay up until midnight but we let him chew on a horn and wear a party hat until 8pm.

The rest of us stayed up until midnight and to pass the time I decided to recreate something I found on Pinterest. I wrote down things for us to do every half hour and stuck them in balloons. When the time rolled around we popped the balloon and did whatever the piece of paper said. It ranged from opening presents (thanks $1 section at Target) and making fun drinks to sharing our favorite memories of 2014 and New Years Resolutions.

1. Open presents at 9:00pm
2.  Make cookies and a cozy fire 9:30
3. Time to play some games! 10:00
4.  Make some drinks and drink up! 10:30
5.  Share your favorite 2014 memory! 11:00
6. Resolution time! 11:30
7. Watch the ball drop! 11:59

This kept us busy all night and helped pass the time.

The presents were suppose to be a random draw but I was so excited picking every thing out that I knew exactly what I wanted everyone to open.

We played some minute to win it games and Heads up!

Courtney did our nails! She is so talented with nails!

The drinks we made were really yummy! We made Shirley Temples and mock Champagne.  You can find out how to make the Champagne here.

My favorite 2014 memory was when we welcomed Adler to our family. He has changed our lives for the better and we are so in love with him!

My resolution is to document our lives better. I want to take more pictures and be better at journaling.
I love this picture!

Watching the ball drop!

2014 was a great year and even though 2015 got off to a very rough start I hope 2015 with be an even better year for us!


  1. Jordan I love this post. Your idea with the balloons is so great I would love to do this nest year….thanks for sharing. Great photos!

  2. This looks like such a fun way to ring in the New Year! I love it! I hope the rest of your 2015 is so much better than the beginning. I'm so sorry about your dad. We have been thinking of and praying for your family.

    You are a great blogger! Have a great day!

  3. love it! totally doing this idea next year!!