Thursday, January 8, 2015

Adler is 9 Months!

Adler turned 9 months on December 28th. This time I am only a week and a half late! Adler continues to grow and his little personality continues to shine through. We have been spending a lot of time with family over the holidays and I love seeing Adler interact with my sisters and mom and dad.
Here is what Adler has been up to:

- He is starting to wave! He doesn’t do it every time but it is the cutest thing when he does it.

-I am counting MAMA as his first word. I don’t know how Dane feels about that but he recently has been saying DADA so I think he is ok with it.

-Any time Adler sees someone with food he squawks like a bird until you give him some of whatever you are eating. His eyes get really big and he gets super excited! It’s really cute except when we are in public.

-He can go upstairs now which I am not to crazy about because chasing that speed demon to the stairs is a work out every day! Also, because he hasn’t really learned how to go down those stairs.

-We celebrated Adler’s first Christmas and it was amazing! I wrote all about it here. Now looking back it is a great memory because Adler was able to spend a Christmas at home with his Grandpa.
I keep posting this picture but I just LOVE it!!

-He loves to walk while holding our hands but as soon as we let go he gets hesitant and sits down. He can balance on his own for a few seconds but he would much rather just walk with our help.

-He LOVES books and story time. He has always loved reading books and looking at the pictures. Sometimes he just tries to get the book out of my hands and eat it. Recently we have been finding him looking at books on his own and it melts my heart.

-I put my headphones in his ears one day and he loved listening to the music. Every time I put the headphone near his he would get really happy and start laughing. I would take the music away and he would look at me like “why would you do that?!”

- His tongue is always out of his mouth and it is the cutest thing ever. He has also learned how to click his tongue and we hear him do that every so often. He will lick his lips and just loves making any noise with his mouth.

-He is very good at walking along furniture and still pulls himself up every second he gets.

-My mom has this rattle that he carries around in his mouth and every time we see him doing it we die of laughter. He will stick it in his mouth and the continue playing with toys or just crawl around and explore. I think he likes the cold metal especially since he is teething.

-I think in my last post I said that he has two bottom teeth but I think the top two are starting to make more of an appearance than when I posted last. I love Hyland Teething Tablets they are amazing! I need to do another post of my favorite things.
Over Christmas Break we had a friend of ours take pictures for us. I posted this one because it shows his cute little teeth. I will do a post with the rest of the pictures a little later.

- He is starting to get the hang of passing the ball back and forth with us and he thinks it’s so funny! Dane is in heaven that Adler is playing “catch” with him. This video makes me laugh every time I watch it.

-Adler loved his Grandpa. My Dad passed away on January 3rd but the time Adler spent with my dad is so precious to me. He would always want grandpa to hold him and he would snuggle up with him. I could tell they had a special bond and I can’t wait for Adler to meet my dad again someday.

Adler has been up to a lot this month. He is getting so big and before I know it he will be 1! I have already started planning his party! Our little boy lights up our lives and he brings so much joy to our lives!

Now for some adorable pictures:
I am in love with this Elephant Rocker

When you are on vacation you sleep where you can

Happy 2015! Post coming soon!

He's kneeling!

1st New Years!

This picture makes me laugh!

Sleeping with Grandma

These next pictures are his 9 month photo shoot pictures. These are getting harder to take because he never wants to sit still. Getting a picture of his length has proven very difficult! 

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