Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Weekends Including the 4th of July:

As most of you know Dane, started a new job in Idaho Falls. He loves it and is learning a whole lot. It’s funny because we will be out shopping and he will tell me “Oh this color is going to be a big color next season” (he working as an Assistant Brand manager for a clothing company so it’s his job to know this stuff). He is becoming a better person to shop with, with this new knowledge! We are excited to move out to Idaho in January after I finish school.

When he first got this job I went out to Idaho with him every week and we would come back to Utah every weekend because we usually had some kind of plans. I don’t like change, so it’s hard for me to adjust to living in Idaho especially because I didn’t know anyone and Utah was still technically my home. I never thought I would miss Utah but I found myself longing for it during those slow weeks in Idaho.

 Once his parents and brother came to Utah to prepare to leave for their mission I stayed in Utah to help them get everything taken care of. After they left things still have been crazy and I haven’t been back in Idaho since. Being away from Dane for 4 days every week simply sucks. I hate being away from him but at least I have people to hang out with and things I need to get done before I start my last semester of school.

Luckily Dane got the Friday after the 4th off so he came back Wednesday night. We had an amazing 4-day weekend. We started the 4th of by eating a new found favorite lunch at Malawi’s with their balsamic steak salad. It’s not an American restaurant but it sure seemed like an American meal!

 After lunch Dane really wanted some shaved ice so we found a stand and we ordered The Captain America because we were trying to be patriotic. It was the best shaved ice I have had but it was GIGANTIC!

 Our cousins Casey and Sarah had their second child at the end of May. She wasn’t due until the end of July so she has been in the NICU. The morning of the 4th they got to bring her home! So we decided to celebrate both the 4th and the bringing home of Scarlett with a BBQ and fireworks.

 She's so tiny!

 Emme (their older daughter) was funny because she wasn’t too sure if she liked fireworks but she eventually warmed up to them. Especially since she figured everyone was celebrating that her little sister came home.

Our fourth was amazing. We spent it with great people and had lots of delicious food!

 The rest of our weekend and this past weekend were a lot of fun. We are really trying to document our summer and spend a lot of time outside so these are the pictures from my phone.

My hat is giant! But my face didn't burn

We decided to check out the Provo Rec center and we were glad we did! It was a lot of fun.

We hadn’t seen Meg and Adam in a long time so we wanted to double with them. We went to dinner and then watched Warm Bodies. They had some leftover watermelon that they wanted to get rid of so we each had a huge piece.

I LOVE farmers markets. We were recently in Seattle and I visited Pike’s place, which is the best farmer’s market, and I fell in love with them. We decided to check one out in Provo. It was good but they didn’t have fresh flowers and that made me really sad because those are my favorite things to buy at the market.

We decided to check out the SLC farmers market the next weekend and it was a lot better. We had a lot of yummy food samples and it made me want a dog because everyone was walking theirs. I also saw someone pushing a Bugaboo and we had a conversation about how amazing the stroller is.

We bought some pomegranate balsamic vinegar and used it for dinner on Sunday. It is so good! I would recommend it to everyone. 

In front of Tony Caputo's. They had a stand at the farmers market and I loved their samples so we decided to go there for lunch. They had beautiful flowers outside.

We went to City Creek after and had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Our weekends have been so fun. It isn’t fun to be away from each other for 4 days but we are making it work! 

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